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SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 Conference is very successful

April 29, 2017.  By Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D.

I just returned from the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 conference hosted by SEMI Southeast Asia, at the beautiful Penang, Malaysia. It was my honor to meet some of you in person.

A high profile opening ceremony was hosted on April 25th, 2017. The reason I call it high profile is that many VIP figures in SEMI and Malaysia were invited to give speeches and ribbon cutting.

Figure: SEMICON SEA 2017 opening ceremony

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research.

SEMI’s VP of business development and product management, Ms. Bettina Weiss, chaired the “Market Trends Briefing” session on April 25th.  Dr. Dan Tracy, Senior director of industry research gave a presentation about SEMI equipment and material outlook.

Figure: Dr. Dan Tracy from SEMI gave presentation

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research.

On behalf of Touch Display Research, I gave an invited presentation about display and touch market trends and opportunities.

Figure: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove gave presentation

Photo credit: Mr. Russell Tham at Applied Materials

Applied Material’s Corporate VP, Mr. Russell Tham, gave a presentation about material engineering for emerging technology inflections.

Figure: Mr. Russell Tham from Applied Material gave presentation

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research.

SEMI China’s president, Mr. Lung Chu, gave a presentation about China’s status on semiconductor and how to interpret Chinese government’s policy on semiconductor.

Figure: Mr. Lung Chu from SEMI gave presentation

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research.

This conference also had over 300 exhibitors. More analysis and review of SEMICON SEA 2017 Conference can be found in the “Touch and Emerging Display” monthly report.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team

Cisco’s Spark Board touch screen is using ITO-replacement

March 7, 2017

Microsoft’s Surface Hub brought interactive whiteboard to a higher level last year.

In October 2016, Google announced it will release 55 inch Jamboard interactive whiteboard to the market in 2017 to compete with Surface Hub. But the Jamboard is still not available yet at this moment.

On January 24th, 2017, Cisco announced its Spark Board and joined the competition. Cisco is moving faster than Google: the Spark Board became available in end of January. People can purchase the 55 inch Spark Board right now for $4990 plus a monthly fee of $199. Cisco will release a 70” version in end of this year for $9,990.

Figure: Cisco Spark Board

Cisco spark

Source: Cisco

Touch Display Research believes the Spark Board touch sensor is using metal mesh or silver nanowire transparent conductors.

In the ITO Replacement—Non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast 2017 Report, seventh edition, Touch Display Research profiled over 300 companies and research institutes working on advanced transparent conductive (TC) materials. The report provides a detailed analysis of metal mesh, silver nanowire, carbon nano tube (CNT), conductive polymer, graphene, and other technologies.

Figure: ITO replacement 2017 report

ITO replacement 2017 cover1

Source: Touch Display Research Inc., 2017

Our survey found that the ITO-replacement transparent conductive material industry had grown over 10 time from 2012 to 2017. Touch Display Research forecasted that non-ITO transparent conductors will continue to have rapid growth in the next several years.

Many companies’ metal mesh characters are compared in one chart in the Excel database, and the silver nanowires of many companies are also compared in one chart in the report.

The “ITO-replacement Technologies and Market Forecast 2017 Report” Seventh Edition is available immediately.

PowerPoint file >500 pages
Excel database Profiles >300 companies. 5 years history data: 2012- 2016 and 8 years forecasts from 2017 to 2024. Units, ASP, Revenue. List of all ITO-replacement devices and suppliers; comparisons of many metal mesh, many silver nanowire
Published time February, 13th,  2017
Price $5800 for company with <5 user. $6800 for company with 5 or more users
Bonus Client can have a 30-minute free phone call with the author: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, within 3 months of the purchase

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team