Press Release––ITO-Replacement Transparent Conductor Market will reach $8.1 Billion by 2021

Over 220 Companies and Research Institutes are working on ITO-replacement Technology

Santa Clara, June 17, 2014—In the recently published “ITO Replacement—Non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast Report,” Touch Display Research forecasts that the non-ITO transparent conductor market will reach $8.1 billion by 2021. This May report is the third edition, with many updates from the May 2013 report. This report profiles over 220 companies and research institutes working on advanced transparent conductive (TC) materials and provides a detailed analysis of metal mesh, silver nanowire, carbon nano tube (CNT), conductive polymer, graphene, and other technologies.

Figure 1. ITO-replacement companies and research institutes
ITO replacement companies 2014
Source: Touch Display Research, ITO Replacement—Non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast Report, May 2014

“ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is currently the mainstream transparent conductor. However, due to its high cost, long process, and fragility, non-ITO type TC is gaining momentum,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, president and analyst of Touch Display Research Inc. “These transparent conductors are not only replacing ITO, but also provide functions that ITO could not. Our survey found that even with some metal mesh companies’ disappointing progress, the overall adoption of ITO-replacement is accelerating. We forecast the ITO-replacement market will grow rapidly from 2014 to 2021.”

Figure 2. Transparent conductors comparison chart
ITO replacement compare with TDR
Source: Touch Display Research Inc., ITO-replacement report, May 2014

Dr. Colegrove, author of this report, toured the clean room of Atmel’s XSense fab in Colorado; she also had an in-person fab tour of UniPixel’s InTouch Sensor (formerly UniBoss) in Texas. She performed first hand surveys and interviews with many ITO-replacement suppliers and OEM/ODMs.
• This report provides not only the outlook for ITO-replacement, but also added analysis of the biggest changes in ITO-replacement industry for the first half of 2014, and predicted 2014 winners.
• Over 220 companies and research institutes are profiled, and supply chain analysis with many companies is provided.
• Same as the second edition, major OEM/ODM brands’ adoption of ITO-replacement and ITO-replacement touch devices list are provided in the report.
• This third edition adds ITO-replacement exhibitions at CES 2014 and 2014 FLEX conference.
• Same as the first and second edition, this report provides a regional analysis for the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Germany, the U.K., and other countries.
• Market data in the report includes 2012 and 2013 historical data and forecasts from 2014 to 2021.
• The market forecast includes Area (square meter), ASP ($/m2) and Revenue, with detailed breakdown by six TC technologies.
The “ITO Replacement May 2014 Report” is available immediately and includes a PowerPoint file (over 300 pages) and an Excel database.

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