Press Release–Flexible display market will reach $30 Billion by 2025

Santa Clara, March 19, 2015—In the newly published “Flexible, Curved, and Bendable Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report (Second Edition),” Touch Display Research analyzes over ten display technologies, fourteen applications of flexible displays, and shows how the flexible display market is accelerating. Touch Display Research forecasts that the flexible display market will reach $30 Billion by 2025. This report profiles over 270 companies working on flexible displays.

Figure. Flexible, curved and bendable display market forecast to 2025

flexible 2015 forecast

Source: Touch Display Research, Flexible, Curved and Bendable Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report (Second Edition), 2015

“In early 2015, flexible displays are already shipping in large volumes. The upcoming Watch by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) will accelerate the adoption of flexible OLED displays in 2015 and beyond. We forecast that flexible, curved, and bendable displays will have tremendous growth in the next several years,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst of Touch Display Research Inc., who has been writing reports on the flexible display industry since 2007.

Flexible, curved and bendable displays still face many challenges. Over ten types of display technologies could be made into flexible curved bendable form factors. Challenges and opportunities are analyzed in the report.

  • This report provides detailed analysis of display technologies that are built with flexible substrates (used as flat, or curved, or foldable) and displays built with rigid glass but used in a curved form factor.
  • Market forecast from 2015 to 2025 with a detailed breakdown by four types of form factors: bendable dynamic, foldable dynamic, fixed curved, flat with flexible substrate.
  • Flexible, curved, and bendable displays at CES 2015 and FLEX 2015 are included in this report.
  • Over 270 companies and research institutes are profiled.
  • Flexible battery, flexible touch screen, and flexible lighting technologies are also analyzed in this report.
  • This report provides a regional analysis for the USA, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, China, the U.K. and other countries.
  • Market data in the report includes historical data from 2012-14 and forecasts from 2015 to 2025.
  • The market forecast includes Units, ASP, Revenue, Area (square meter), with a detailed breakdown in eight display technology categories: Electrophoretic AM, Electrophoretic PM/segmented, AMOLED, PMOLED, AMLCD, PMLCD, Other tech AM, Other tech PM/segmented.
  • The market forecast includes a detailed breakdown in fourteen application categories: smart watch, simple watch, curved TV, curved monitor/AIO PC, NB/tablet PC, secondary or cover display, mobile phone main display, phablet and tablet, automotive, e-reader and e-note, memory device, public signage, gaming casino, other applications. Five size categories are included: <4.99”, 5-9.99”, 10-19.99”, 20-49.99”, >50”.

The Flexible, Curved, and Bendable Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 report is available immediately and includes a PowerPoint file (over 450 pages) and an Excel database.

Figure. Flexible, Curved, and Bendable Display 2015 Report table of contents (full TOC and report sample is available upon request),

flexible report 2015 TOC1flexible report 2015 TOC2

Source: Touch Display Research, Flexible, Curved, and Bendable Display Technologies and Market Forecast Report, March 2015

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  • Find your potential clients or partners from the list of over 270 companies and research institutes
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  • Know the flexible display market status and future
  • Know your competitors
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  • Empower your strategic planning
  • Touch Display Research experts have been writing flexible display industry analysis report for over eight years. You can access this expertise by purchasing and receiving the report today.

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