Touch Display Research Dinner Conference 2015

Touch Display Research Dinner Conference 2015

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All seats are sold out. (If you missed the chance, please keep in touch for next year’s event.) Photos of the dinner conference:

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Photo credit: Mrs. Penny Zhang, Shenzhen Flat Panel Association.


Time Topic Speaker
5:00pm to 5:30pm Registration and networking
5:30pm to 5:40pm Conference welcome session  Jenny thumDr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research
5:40pm to 6:05pm Session 1: Emerging display: Quantum dot, OLED
5:40pm to 5:50pm Quantum dot display  Jason hartlove thum Mr. Jason Hartlove, President and CEO, Nanosys Inc.
5:50pm to 6pm Quantum dot display and lighting Seth thum  Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, Founder and CTO, QD Vision
6pm to 6:10pm OLED display and lighting  Raj thumDr. Raj Rajewaran, co-founder, GrantWood Limited.
6:10pm to 6:15pm Q&A for session 1
6:15pm to 6:40pm Session 2: How to survive and lead the touch industry in 2015 and beyond
6:15pm to 6:25pm Silver nanowire transparent conductor  Michael spaid thum Dr. Michael Spaid, Vice President of Product Development, Cambrios.
6:25pm to 6:35pm Metal mesh transparent conductor Toppan Okada small Mr. Takao Okada, Manager, Touch Sensor Business, Toppan Printing
6:35pm to 6:40pm Q&A for session 2
6:40pm to 8:30pm Raffle drawing: 2 Boogie Boards sponsored by Kent Displays Boogie board pink Kent displays logo               Dinner, drink and networking

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