Display and Touch Market Trends at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 Conference

Santa Clara, California, March 27, 2017—Touch Display Research will be speaking at the upcoming SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 conference about display and touch market trends and opportunities, and will visit companies in the area.

“I am honored to be invited and to deliver a presentation at the conference, and eager to meet companies and industry friends in Malaysia,” said Dr. Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst at Touch Display Research. “We appreciate the support of SEMI Southeast Asia, and UICO in sponsoring my speech.”

Figure. Logo of the SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 conference and our sponsors SEMI Southeast Asia and UICO

semicon-sea-2017-malysiaSemi logo miduico-logo

Source: SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 Conference and UICO

Global display industry growth is slowing down but there are hot growing areas. Dr. Colegrove will provide the market forecast of the overall display market from 2017 till 2027. She’ll discuss the new opportunities:  OLED display, Quantum dot, flexible and curved displays, e-paper display, embedded touch displays.

Touch screen market has been growing rapidly in the past 10 years. However, the competition is more and more fierce. The opportunities are in new materials, less process steps touch manufacturing, active pen enabled, both small size and large size touch applications. Dr. Colegrove will provide the touch screen market forecast from 2017 till 2023.

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove will present “Display and Touch Market Trends and Opportunities—2017 and Beyond” on April 25-27, 2017 at SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia. To arrange a meeting, please contact: jc@touchdisplayresearch.com

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About Touch Display Research Inc.

Touch Display Research, Inc. (www.TouchDisplayResearch.com) is a technology market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen, emerging display and sensor technologies such as OLED displays, OLED lighting, flexible displays, e-paper displays, ITO-replacement, Active pen, near-eye displays, quantum dots, gesture controls, voice controls, and eye controls. Touch Display Research provides standard reports, consulting projects, and due diligence for touch suppliers, display manufacturers, consumer electronics ODMs/OEMs, material suppliers, investor companies, venture capitalists, and companies who are merging or acquiring companies in the touch screen, display, materials and sensor industry. We are member of FlexTech Alliance, SEMI and SID.

About SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 Conference

Expanding the Coverage of the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain! While Southeast Asia is rising up fast as a world-class electronics manufacturing hub with end-to-end R&D capabilities – SEMICON Southeast Asia has become an important exposition for the electronics industry in Southeast Asia. The show connects the decision makers from the industry, demonstrates the most advanced products and brings in the most up-to-date market and technology trends. Bringing solutions to industry challenges that can best be addressed at the event! The conference website is: http://www.semiconsea.org/

About SEMI and SEMI Southeast Asia

SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. SEMI member companies are the engine of the future, enabling smarter, faster and more economical products that improve our lives. Since 1970, SEMI has been committed to helping members grow more profitably, create new markets and meet common industry challenges. SEMI maintains offices in Beijing, Bengaluru, Berlin, Brussels, Grenoble, Hsinchu, Moscow, San Jose, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit www.semi.org. SEMI Southeast Asia was established in 1993, the same year the SEMICON Singapore exhibition was established. The aim of the SEMI Southeast Asia office is to provide all of the SEMI International Services to the region in a timely manner. If you happen to be visiting or plan to set up operations in Southeast Asia, please contact us at the SEMI Southeast Asia office. Email: semiconsea@semi.org

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