Press Release––Touch Display Research forecasts Apple to adopt AMOLED display within 18 months

Santa Clara, June 26, 2013—In the newly published “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, Touch Display Research Inc., an independent market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies, analyzed the market situation and forecasts that Apple will adopt AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) displays within 18 months.

Figure: Apple could adopt AMOLED display and produce smart watch, new phone or TV.


Source: Touch Display Research, Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report, June 2013

Apple’s revenue is slowing down after several years of very rapid growth. Apple’s stock price has declined in the past year from a peak of $700 per share last October to the current price of $404 per share. Apple is seeking the next hot gadgets to sustain its growth. For Apple to achieve that goal we believe the new display choice is critical, as the new display will decide the form factor and battery life of the devices.

“AMOLED displays could offer the benefit of flexible or curved unique form factors, low power consumption, and full color. AMOLED is a mature technology and has been in mass production for a decade. However, AMOLED is still more expensive than LCD. When adding to Apple’s brand, design, software, and apps, the combined package could convince consumers to pay a high price,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, president and analyst of Touch Display Research, Inc.

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