Press Release––Touch Display Research forecasts AMOLED TV market will reach $15.5 Billion by 2020

Touch Display Research forecasts AMOLED TV market will reach $15.5 Billion by 2020

DuPont quietly signed the second license agreement for its printing OLED Technology

Santa Clara, July 29, 2013—In the recently published “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, Touch Display Research Inc., an independent market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies, analyzed the worldwide AMOLED and investment situation. Touch Display Research forecasts that by 2020 the OLED TV market will reach $15.5 billion. 2016 will be the takeoff year for OLED TVs with billions of dollars of revenue each year after that.

Figure. OLED TV market forecast 2013 to 2020

OLED TV rev forecast July 2013

Source: Touch Display Research, Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report, July 2013

In July 2013 DuPont quietly signed the second license agreement for its OLED technologies, however the company has not posted a press release or announced this news on their official website. DuPont is very quiet about this good news compared with about one and half years ago. In Nov 2011, DuPont had a news release that they signed a licensing agreement with a large, leading manufacturer of AMOLED in Asia.

Instead, this time there is only one sentence in DuPont’s Q2 2013 financial new release on July 23rd, 2013: “These declines were largely offset by OLED licensing income of $20 million.”

LG Electronics has commercialized its 55-inch OLED TV, flat and curved version this year. Samsung will also bring a curved OLED TV to market in Q3 this year. 

“AMOLED displays could offer the benefit of flexible or curved unique form factors, fast response time, and full color. AMOLED is a mature technology for small-sized displays and has been in mass production for a decade. However, AMOLED TV shipments will continue to be small in 2013 and 2014 due to the high price,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, president and analyst of Touch Display Research Inc. “With the improvement of manufacture processes, such as the printing process and large generation fab, we forecast OLED TV prices will decrease to below $1000 by 2020.”

  • Why is DuPont so quiet about its second licensing agreement? Which company will license DuPont’s OLED technology? What are the benefits and challenges of DuPont’s OLED technology?
  • 4K TV is gaining momentum. Which company is supplying 4K LCD panels to which brand? What does the 4K TV roadmap look like?
  • With simultaneous touch and active stylus technology, users can work smoothly on touch displays. Which company is supplying active pens to which brand, and why? What are the pros and cons?


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