Press Release––Touch Display Research forecast Ultra HD (4K) resolution AMOLED TV will be on the market by 2015

Santa Clara, California, Jan. 25, 2013—In the recently published “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, Touch Display Research Inc., an independent market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies, analyzed the large AMOLED TV (>50”) situation. Touch Display Research forecasts that Ultra HD (4K, 3840X2160) resolution AMOLED TVs will be on the market by 2015.

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Source: Touch Display Research, Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report, January 2013

In January 2013, LG Electronics officially launched a 55” OLED TV in the Korean market with 1080p resolution and priced at about $10,000. LG later announced that it would bring the OLED TV to the U.S. market in March 2013, priced at $12,000.

In contrast, Samsung has not responded with a statement of when the company would bring a competing 55” OLED TV to the market.

LG’s 55” OLED TV uses white OLED plus RGBW color filter method for the color patterning and oxide TFT for the backplane. Samsung’s 55” OLED TV demo uses RGB chemical vapor deposition and LTPS TFT for the backplane. The current commercialization situation confirms that LG’s method is more achievable and can achieve a higher yield and lower cost in 2013.

OLED TVs were still hot topics at this year’s CES, carrying the trend forward from 2012. Sony, AUO, and Panasonic brought OLED TVs to a higher level: Ultra HD (4K) resolution. Samsung and LG’s OLED TV stayed at FHD (1080p), but they made them curved this year.

“Although AMOLED with FHD resolution is available currently, 4K is considered the high end for TV resolution, even though 4K content is still limited,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, President and analyst at Touch Display Research. “56-inch 4K resolution is just 79 ppi (pixel per inch), which is easily achievable. The challenges are how to increase yield, have good uniformity, have long lifetime, and reduce the manufacturing cost.”

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