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Why Japan restricts polyimide to South Korea

July 15, 2019, By Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research Inc.

On June 30th, 2019, Japanese government announced trade restriction of three materials to South Korea. Under proposed changes to export rules, Japanese suppliers would need to apply for approval for each contract to sell specific chemicals to South Korean buyers.

The three materials are polyimide, Hydrogen Fluoride, and photo resistant. All these materials are critical for displays and semiconductor manufacturing.

In the newly published “Touch and Emerging Display monthly report”, Touch Display Research Inc., a market research and consulting firm, analyzed polyimide for display applications.  

Figure 1. Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report

Source: Touch Display Research, July 2019

The report also discussed the polyimide material for foldable cover lens applications, and the suppliers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and USA.

In the Flexible Display and Flexible Touch 2018 Report, 3rd edition, Touch Display Research forecasted flexible, curved and foldable display will have over $75 billion revenue, which will be about 36% market share in 2027.

Figure 2. Flexible display revenue market forecast

Source: Flexible display and flexible touch report, Touch Display Research, Inc.

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