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ODG showcased smart glasses with gesture control at AWE 2016

June 2, 2016

I just returned from AWE (Augmented World Expo) 2016 conference. AWE is the largest event dedicated to AR, VR and wearable technology.

At AWE 2016, ODG (Osterhout Design Group) showcased its smart glasses with gesture control.  Touch Display Research had a chance to try on the R-7 smart glasses and test the gesture control.

Figure: Dr. Colegrove tried on the ODG smart glasses at AWE 2016.

Jenny gesture near eye device small

Photo credit: ODG

In the recently published “Sensor for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence 2016 report”, Touch Display Research profiled 67 companies working on camera-based gesture-control. This number has increased from 56 companies just two years ago.

Figure 2. Companies working on gesture control, voice recognition and other touchless HMI sensors.

touchless company number 2014-2016

Source: Touch Display Research, Sensors for AR VR and AI 2016 report

More analysis and review can be found in the “Touch and Emerging Display report” June 2016 issue.

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team


SID 2016 Monday Seminar: from mainstream to emerging display

May 25, 2016

SID 2016 DisplayWeek is held in San Francisco, California this week. I taught a seminar on Monday morning, titled “Display Market Forecast –LCD, OLED, e-paper and touch, from main stream to emerging display”.

I’m honored to have been teaching Monday Seminar for 3 years at SID DisplayWeek. According to the conference organizer, there are over 600 attendees for the Monday seminar this year, which is a record high in SID history.

During the 90-min seminar, I first listed the hot trends in display industry in 2016 and 2017. Then I provided the global display industry market forecast to 2026. The overall display industry growth is slowing down but there are hot trends in many areas. Then I discuss the new opportunities in display market:  quantum dot display, flexible and curved LCD display, high resolution, OLED display, e-paper display, embedded touch screen, active pen and touchless human-machine-interaction sensors.

Figure: Dr. Colegrove taught Monday Seminar at SID 2016 DisplayWeek.

Jenny SID 2016 seminar close on leftJenny SID 2016 seminar

Photo credit: Jinzenji-san at Japan Display Inc.

More and more people joined the seminar, many of them had to stand for the one and half an hour seminar. From the questions the attendee asked at the Q&A session, I believe many people are interested in 3 areas: quantum dot, flexible display, touch screen.

More analysis can be found in the “Quantum dot 2016 report”, “Flexible, curved and foldable display report”, Touch and Emerging Display monthly report, June 2016 issue.

For those audiences who has given me your name cards, I’ll send you one monthly report– “Touch and Emerging Display report”– for free next week.

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team

Glass War: Corning and Asahi Glass

June 13, 2013

At SID 2013 in Vancouver I had a chance to visit the booth of Asahi Glass (AGC) and talk to general manager Asano-san and assistant manager Yoshida-san.  (See picture below: Asano-san showing me the self-adhesive cover glass.)

I also visited Corning’s booth and talked to the director of marketing for Gorilla Glass––David Velasquez. (See picture below: Corning cover glass for notebook PC.) I also met Corning’s director for Willow Glass Harrison Smookler and director for Lotus Glass Christopher Hudson.

It’s very clear that these two large corporations are competing head-to-head in cover glass, ultrathin glass, LTPS/oxide TFT substrate and other areas. The battle is heating up.

Figure: SID 2013 exhibition: (left) AGC self-adhesive cover glass; (right) Corning cover glass for Notebook PC

AGC self adhesiveCorning OGS

Photo by Jennifer Colegrove

Both AGC and Corning are billion-dollar corporations. AGC is much bigger than Corning in terms of number of employees and revenue, but Corning has produced a higher net income in the last few years.

Which company is the market leader in cover glass? Who is winning the LTPS/oxide TFT substrate? Which company is leading in ultrathin glass? What’s Touch Display Research’s business strategy recommendation? A detailed analysis will be in the upcoming “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, June 2013 issue.

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Jennifer and team