Apple Vision Pro’s impact on Head Mounted Display 2023-2030 Report

updated 2023 report

June 19, 2023

Two years ago, Dr. Jennifer Colegrove forecasted that Apple would release head mounted display devices in 2024, in our “Head Mounted Display for AR, VR, and MR 2021 Report”. That forecast proved to be accurate with Apple’s recently announced Vision Pro available in 2024.

“I’ve been analyzing Head Mounted Display (HMD) since 2007, right after I merged my career path from a senior display engineer to a senior technology analyst. In the last 16 years, I’ve witnessed the HMD industry’s tremendous progress, from enterprise applications to consumer entertainment, from narrow Field of View (FOV) to wide, from micro display to larger display to micro display again. This 2023 HMD for AR, VR, and MR Report has many updates over the first edition (published in 2021).” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, author of the report, CEO and principal analyst of Touch Display Research.

Recently, Touch Display Research announces the publication of “Head Mounted Display for AR, VR, and MR 2023-2030 Report, Second Edition”. This updated report is a comprehensive analysis of all the head-mounted displays (HMD), or called head wearable displays, for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). This report is a comprehensive analysis of all the display technologies and over 400 companies working on the AR, VR, and MR market.

Figure. Head Mounted Display for AR, VR, and MR 2023-2030 Report, Second Edition

Source: Touch Display Research Inc., June 2023

This report includes:

  • PowerPoint file: >300 pages
  • Excel database: Profiled >400 companies and research institutes, 5 years history data (2018 to 2022), 8 years market forecast 2023 to 2030 with Unit, ASP, Revenue, Summary and comparison of different display technologies
  • Published: June, 15, 2023
  • Price: $3500 for company with one person, or $4500 for company with multiple persons
  • Bonus: Client can have a 30-minute free phone call with the author Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, within 3 months of purchase

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