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Thanks for the over 500 endorsements from my industry friends. I’m so grateful for your encouragement, support, advice, information, and friendship!

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What our clients and friends say

“Jennifer, great report. Lots of real time up-to-date information. Also the insight and business strategy recommendation are invaluable to us. We really appreciate it.” –a client of the “Automotive Touch, Display, ADAS and Touchless HMI Report”

“I recommended your Smart Windows Report to my company, and then my company bought it. The report is very useful– it opened a whole new world for us.” —a client of the Smart Window’s Report.

“We bought your Touch Panel for Vertical Market report 2 years ago, and based on the report, we formed a new division to target those markets, and now that division is doing very well.”—a client of the Touch Panel for Vertical Market report.

“The Micro and Mini LED report is very helpful. Before, we know our technologies well, now with your report, we know all our competitors out there and their Pros and Cons too.”—a client of the Micro and Mini LED report.

“…Your presentation was excellent! It is great to see you advance in the recognition of your peers for the very good work you have done, and I must admit, you probably only had time to share the tip of the iceberg!”–an attendee of Dr. Jennifer Colegrove’s seminar at SID DisplayWeek.

“…since you have a done a great work for us and we are happy.”–a client of a customized project

“…your latest Quantum Dot report, we think yours is by far the most accurate by the way, others I’ve seen are not accurate even for their 2013 numbers!!”
—a client of our Quantum Dot display and lighting report

“Great report. It’s very thorough.”
–a client of our ITO-replacement report

“Thank you Jennifer, it’s very helpful to talk to you.”
–a client of our analyst call service

“Thanks for your fast turnaround. It’s very helpful.”
–a client of a custom project which we delivered result within one week

” As Past President and Fellow of SID I can say that your presentation on Touch Display was very comprehensive and covered more than touch but all of the ways to communicate with a terminal.  We all enjoyed and gained from your presentation.”  — Past SID President and Fellow of SID.

“…Fyi, some feedback; your presentation at Monday’s seminars was the most engaging and well presented out of all the speakers.”–an attendee of Monday Seminar at SID 2015 DisplayWeek, June 1, 2015.

“We used to subscribe reports from other market research firms too. Some are useless; some are very informative and helpful. Your report is the latter.”— a client of our Quantum Dot display and lighting report.

“We like your monthly report. It’s like you are traveling for us to over 10 international conferences each year, and writing travel reports. Since we are very busy every day with meetings and lab works, we can’t attend many conferences. Your monthly reports keep us updated with all the new trends.”– a client of the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.

“I read your monthly report from cover to cover. It’s very informative and helpful.”–a client of the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.

Companies sponsored Dr. Colegrove’s speeches have very good results. One sponsor company wrote, ” Thanks….As quick feedback to you, we have already been contacted by a new client because of your last email, and as well an important existing client mentioned that he saw your last email and noticed my company’s higher visibility.” And Dr. Colegrove replied to sponsor, “Many thanks… that’s great news! We are a win-win business relationship: my company gets some revenue to cover my travel expense; your company gets lots of advertisement power and visibility.”

“I was very impressed with your talk at ILCC 2016. That is very comprehensive view at all the prospects of different display technologies. “–an attendee of International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC), August, 2016.

“…it was a great honor to have you present the keynote at our conference. I heard from various conference attendees that your talk was very well received, and was appreciated as extremely insightful and comprehensive. “–a conference program committee member of SVC 2019 TechCon, May 2019.

“…Thank you very much.  I heard many people sing your praises last week – they say you were by far the best Keynote speaker of the week!!!”–an attendee of the SVC 2019 TechCon, May 2019

“…I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your passion for the subject is evident!”–an attendee of the Vehicle Display and Interface 2019 conference, Sept 2019

“I know Jennifer and while I don’t understand the display technologies that well (I am a data storage engineer) I can vouch for her integrity. And she is one of the smartest people I know.”–Jerry Richgels. (Dr. Jennifer Colegrove replied: Thanks Jerry. It’s good to have my friend for over 10 years to endorse my integrity. I really appreciate it. Best, Jennifer.)

“Thank You for all the information you have on this website Miss Jennifer i really appreciate your work. I am an Electronics Engineer with “Display Panel Technologies and Hardware Standards” as a Major Research Area and i keep researching/learning about emerging technologies in this field, all the info on your website was really helpful. Thank You. Best Regards, Saeed Akhtar Awan”

Case study #1: market intelligent report

An equipment company has some unique machines to coat transparent conductors. It came to Touch Display Research for the market opportunity for these machines. Dr. Colegrove, who has been analyzing the touch screen, display and material industry for over 10 years, recommended the company to target the touch screen industry and certain segment markets, then recommended the “Touch Panel for Vertical Market Report” to the company, since the report profiled over 200 touch screen manufacturers. Then the equipment company bought the report. One and a half year later, Dr. Colegrove met the equipment company at a conference, the manager of the equipment company thanked Dr. Colegrove and her report. He indicated they’ve successfully supplied their machines to several touch screen manufacturers. And the equipment company is expanding business.

Case study #2: Industry match-making

A startup company worked with a local university and developed a unique material and process of coating the material. The startup company came to Touch Display Research for the market opportunity for this material. Dr. Colegrove performed feasibility analysis of this material and industry match-making service for this startup company. Dr. Colegrove recommended 6 companies that this startup company should contact. Then Dr. Colegrove send nice introduction email to connect the startup company with a high-level manager/officer in each of the 6 companies. Within 3 months, the startup company is working with 4 of those 6 companies and testing the samples of this material.

Case study #3: Due diligence for investors

An investor company is evaluating a startup company and its technologies, need to make the decision whether to invest in the startup company or not. The investor asked Touch Display Research to perform a due diligent of this startup company. Dr. Colegrove analyzed the technology of the startup company, then traveled to the facility of the startup company and talked to the managers and engineers. Then she reported the situation, some details that she found during the visit and made recommendations to the investors. The investors decided to make the investment in the startup company. Several years later, the startup company was acquired by a larger company. The investors earned millions dollars return on this investment.

Case study #4: New technology competitive analysis and advice on application market targets, and TAM (Total Addressable Market) forecast

A company has two new technologies and need to make business strategic planning for the next several years. They came to Touch Display Research asking for consulting services and customized market forecast for segments.  Touch Display Research proposed a custom project for this client, and performed a competitive analysis of this company’s technologies, (through asking questions by emails and having phone meetings with the client). Then Dr. Colegrove wrote a customized report that include competitive analysis, advice on application market targets for near term (1 to 2 years), mid-term (3 to 5 years) and long term (>5 years); and business strategies recommendation. Touch Display Research also provided a customized total addressable market (TAM) forecast, with detail break down by each segment market. An excel database with charts are also provided to client. Based on the result from Touch Display Research, the client company made a data-based, resource-focused business strategic planning.

Case study #5: Startup company applies for funding

A startup company has a new technology and needed to raise funding. They came to Touch Display Research asking for consulting services and market forecast for their fields. Dr. Colegrove performed a competitive analysis of this company’s technology, and wrote a customized report that include competitive analysis, and provided a customized total addressable market (TAM) forecast, with detail break down by each segment market. An excel database with charts are also provided to the client. Based on the result from Touch Display Research, the client company made an impressive pitch during their fund raising, and got $2 million funding within 6 months. (This is a real client. However, we don’t guarantee if your company can get funding or not.)

Bio of Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. 孔春祯博士简介

Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove is the founder, CEO and Principal Analyst of Touch Display Research Inc. (www.TouchDisplayResearch.com), a market research and consulting firm focus on touch screen and emerging display technologies. She writes reports and performs consulting projects with passion about touch screen and display technologies, including touch screens, ITO replacement, active pen, smart windows, near-eye displays, flexible displays, OLED displays, OLED lighting, quantum dot, 3D displays, e-paper displays, pocket projectors, gesture control, voice control, eye control.

孔春祯博士是触控显示研究公司的创办人,总裁及分析师。触控显示研究公司是一家致力于触控显示技术的市场调查及咨询公司。我们的报告和咨询项目专注于触控显示技术, 包括触控屏,ITO替代品,主动笔, 智慧玻璃, 近眼显示,柔性显示器和弯曲显示器,有机发光显示器,量子点, 3D显示器,电子纸显示器,微型投影机,姿势控制,声音控制,眼球控制。我们有标准报告及给特殊客户的咨询报告。触控显示研究公司–增强您公司的战略计划,精准您公司的投资方向。

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove has over 18 years of industry working experience.  She holds lots of analyst “first”: She was the first analyst to write a comprehensive Touch Screen industry report since 2006 (therefore, she is called “Doctor Touch” by her colleagues); she was the first analyst to write OLED lighting industry report since 2009; she was the first analyst to write an Active Pen industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write an ITO-replacement industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a Quantum Dot industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a Touchless HMI industry report since 2014.

孔博士有超过18年的工业界工作经验。她有很多个 “第一人”: 她是自2006年以来写全球触控行业报告的第一位分析师, 同行们称她为 “触控博士”. 她是自2009年以来第一位撰写OLED照明行业报告的分析师. 她是自2013年以来第一位撰写主动笔行业报告的分析师. 她是自2013年以来第一位撰写ITO替代透明导电材料行业报告的分析师. 她是自2013年以来第一位撰写量子点行业报告的分析师. 她是自2014年以来第一位撰写非触摸人机交流行业报告的分析师.

Dr. Colegrove has a good reputation of accurate forecast. She forecasted Samsung to release a smartphone with 5.x inch flexible AMOLED display 9 months before it happened; she accurately forecasted 4K OLED TV’s market entrance time 2 years before it happened. In “Touch and Emerging Display report”, June 2013, she forecasted “Apple will adopt AMOLED within 18 months”. With the Apple Watch announced in Sept 2014 (available since April 2015), her forecast becomes reality in 18 months. Dr. Colegrove wrote in July 2014, “…it’s my strong belief that Apple will release an active pen soon.” With Apple Pencil announced in September 2015, her forecast become reality in 14 months.

孔博士有准确预测的良好声誉. 她提前9个月预测到三星将发布带有5.x英寸AMOLED显示屏的智能手机. 在2013年1月,她预测 “4K AMOLED显示屏的电视将在2015年入市”. 她的这个预测在确切时间成为现实. 在2013年6月的 “触控与新兴显示报告”里, 她预测 “苹果将在18个月内采用AMOLED有机发光二级管显示”. 随着2014年9月宣布的苹果手表(2015年4月发售),她的预测在18个月内成为现实. 在2014年7月, 孔博士写道, “…我坚信苹果将很快发布主动式笔.” 随着2015年9月宣布推出Apple Pencil,她的预测在14个月内实现。

Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. Her reputation in the industry, and passion in the touch display market led to a syndicated readership of hundreds of thousands professionals. She has authored over 100 forecast reports and over 120 articles. Her articles have appeared in SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, Veritas et Visus, etc. She is frequently quoted by media and industry press, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Forbs, Bloomberg, and Computer World. Colegrove has been a featured speaker and session chairperson at over 80 worldwide conferences. Her session at FPD International 2013 in Japan is rated as the most popular session by Nikkei BP, the conference organizer. Industry experts often comment her speech as: very knowledgeable, energetic, humorous, able to explain complex technologies clearly in simple words. A past President of SID emailed her, “Jennifer, your presentation was excellent and drew the attention of the audience. People who know both the technology and marketing are very rare and you have both.”

孔博士通过她近年来的标准报告或咨询项目曾为200多家公司提供咨询. 她著作了100多部预测报告, 以及120多篇文章。她的文章登载于SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, Veritas et Visus, etc。她经常被媒体和行业信息引用,包括Wall Street Journal华而街日报,USA Today今日美国, New York Times纽约时报,Forbs福布斯,Bloomberg and Computer World。孔博士曾在全球80多个会议中演讲和作主持。她在 FPD International 2013会议中的讲演被会议组织者日经BP公司评为最受欢迎的讲演之一.业界评论她的演讲是:内行,对行业了若指掌,有活力,幽默,可以将很复杂的技术用简单的话讲清楚。SID的一位前任主席给她发电子邮件说,“珍妮弗,你的演讲非常好,引起了观众的注意。同时知道技术和市场的人非常少,你两者都精通.”

She has five patent applications with one US patent granted. She translated her father’s book to English: Nuclear Soldier: Stories and Poems About Chinese Life (available on Amazon.com).


Dr. Jennifer Colegrove was Vice President at DisplaySearch (currently IHS). Previously, she served as a senior analyst at iSuppli (currently IHS). Prior to that, Colegrove performed due diligence for Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel, as a senior display engineer. She held senior engineer or project manager positions in several start-up companies. Jennifer Kong Colegrove has a Ph.D. from Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in Ohio. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from Beijing University in Beijing, China.

孔博士曾是DisplaySearch(现在IHS)的副总裁,之前,她是iSuppli(现在IHS)的高级分析师。她曾在英特尔Intel作高级显示器工程师,作Intel Capital英特尔创投的技术顾问。她也有硅谷起始公司的工作经验。孔春祯博士在俄亥俄的肯特州立大学液晶所获得博士学位。她在北京大学获得本科及硕士学位。

Industry quote

November, 2017, Printed Electronic Now website:

Quantum Dots Make Gains in the Display Market

by David Savastano, Editor11.10.17

“There will be some impact, but the impact is not much. According to the Quantum Dot 2017 Report, 4th edition, Touch Display Research forecasted that over 70% of the QLED TVs will be Cd-free or Cd-safe in 2017,”  said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and principal analyst of touch screen and emerging display technologies at Touch Display Research Inc.. “Cd-safe means contains <100 ppm Cd in the component to be compatible with the RoHS regulation.
“In early 2015, the European Commission has granted an exemption to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2) Directive for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE),” said Dr. Colegrove, CEO and principal analyst of touch screen and emerging display technologies at Touch Display Research Inc. “At that time in January 2015, Cd-free quantum dot TV was not in the market yet. The first Cd-free quantum dot TV entered the market in February 2015 by Samsung. Fast forward to August 2017, the quantum dot market has dramatically changed.”

Applied logo

December, 2015, Applied Material website: The Future of Display is Flexible. 

By Kerry Cunningham

Bendable, foldable and curved displays for a variety of applications, enabled by advanced equipment and materials engineering, will bring new high-margin opportunities to manufacturers.

If you’ve ever thought how convenient it would be to have a mobile device with a large display that you could fold and put in your pocket, you’re not alone. A recent Applied Materials survey[1] showed that as many as four out of five people feel exactly the same way.

That attitude is reflected in the strong growth anticipated in the markets for flexible and curved displays over the next several years. Market analysts at Touch Display Research, for example, forecast that flexible and curved displays will achieve 16% of global display revenues by 2023, compared with 1% in 2013.


June 1, 2015, C3Nano press release – C3nano Inc., the performance leader in transparent conductive films (TCFs) and inks for the touch sensor and display industry, announced today that Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd, (TSE : 4217) and C3nano have partnered in the joint development of transparent conductive transfer films (TCTFs) using C3nano’s Activegrid™ silver nanowire (AgNW) solution-based inks. The joint partnership enables a new class of flexible, more intuitive touch sensor applications, including those in large panel and curved displays.

Analysts are widely predicting the rapid growth of ITO replacements. “Non-ITO transparent conductors are not only replacing ITO, but also provide functions that ITO cannot,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and principal analyst at Touch Display Research Inc., publisher of the recently released ITO-Replacement 2015 Report.

QD vision logo

Jan 26, 2015, QD Vision press release QD Vision, Inc., the leading manufacturer of quantum dot solutions for display products, announced that the European Commission has granted an exemption to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2) Directive for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). The ruling confirms that QD Vision’s Color IQ™ quantum dot technology is beneficial for the environment.

“This EU decision clears the way for QD Vision to strengthen their position in a market we estimate to grow to over $10.6 billion by 2025,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and principal analyst at Touch Display Research Inc.  “Quantum dot technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs for LCD in recent years.”  Touch Display Research recently published their second edition of the Quantum Dot Display and Lighting Technologies and Market Forecast Report, available atwww.touchdisplayresearch.com.

Nanosys logo

Jan 6, 2015, Nanosys press release: Nanosys today announced that they have entered into a multi-year patent license agreement with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. pursuant under which Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. gains access to Nanosys industry-leading Quantum Dot patents covering a broad range of lighting and display products and technologies, including cadmium free quantum dots.

“Quantum dots could improve Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) dramatically in terms of color gamut, color accuracy and reducing power consumption. This is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies for LCD in the last several years.” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research. “We forecast the quantum dot display and lighting component market will reach $10.6 billion by 2025.”

n trig logo

April 28, 2014, N-trig press release: N-trig® Elevates User Experience for Tablets with Dedicated Pen & Touch Controllers ….“The active pen writing module (including pen sensor, plus pen, plus the controller IC) for tablet and hybrid tablet will hold over 50% market share among the total active pen writing module revenue in 2016 and beyond,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, president and analyst, Touch Display Research. “Active pen shipments will surpass 94 million units this year and we forecast that this will increase to 534 million units by 2020.”

Kateeva logo

November 20, 2013, Kateeva press release: ….”YIELDjet launches as the world’s first flexible and large-size OLED displays enter the market.  55” OLED TVs debuted this year, fulfilling the promise of a spectacular viewing experience, albeit at a high price. Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, President of Calif.-based Touch Display Research, expects that 2016 will be the take-off year for OLED TVs.  By 2020, she predicts that the market will reach $15.5 billion.”

Media quote

USA Today, September 18th, 2017

Why you’ll need to wait seven weeks for iPhone X to go on sale

 , USA TODAY,  September 18, 2017

Samsung and LG alone plan to invest about $20 billion in OLED production in the next few years, and Apple will likely make its own investments, says Jennifer Colegrove, principal analyst at Touch Display Research in Santa Clara, Calif.  The display for Apple’s iPhone X uses a flexible OLED display so that it can bend at the edges, helping increase the functional screen to more than 90%. “

(Analyst Colegrove estimates Apple will be able to supply about 5 million iPhone Xs this calendar year.)

CNBC, August 25, 2016.

CNBC logoApple and Samsung probably need each other — these curved screens show why

Anita Balakrishnan@MsABalakrishnan

Thursday, 25 Aug 2016 | 1:52 PM ETCNBC.com

…”Samsung and Apple are already in a strange relationship — they are like friend-enemy,” said Jennifer Colegrove, CEO of Touch Display Research. “Samsung knows Apple’s power. They have so many friends around the world, and they can leverage Apple’s brand and popularity.”

For this new feature, if it does indeed emerge, Apple would likely need Samsung’s expertise to provide the niche technology behind curved smartphone screens, experts say. But Samsung, in turn, is in need of new buyers to profit from the expensive manufacturing, they said.

Colegrove said that based on reviews of Apple patent applications, the company might design a more sharply-tilted edge that’s easy to pick up from a flat surface, for instance.

“They would design something more interesting,” she said.

Semiconductor Engineering, October 12, 2015

semiconductor engineering

Making Flexible OLED display

October 12th, 2015 – BY: MARK LAPEDUS

… “Flexible OLED displays could be used in four types of form factors: bendable dynamic, foldable dynamic, fixed curved, and flat with a flexible substrate,” said Jennifer Colegrove, chief executive of Touch Display Research.

“We forecast that flexible OLED displays will have tremendous growth in the next several years,” Colegrove said. “Flat OLED displays with flexible substrate have been implemented in the Apple Watch because of the thin, lightweight characteristics. However, we forecast this form factor will decrease in the next several years, since it didn’t take advantage of the ‘curve’ characteristic of flexible OLED displays.”

Semiconductor Engineering, September 21, 2015

semiconductor engineering

Chasing After Quantum Dots

Mass production at a reasonable cost would change the dynamics and economics of the digital TV market.


… All told, quantum dots are fast becoming what could be the next Wild West in the electronics materials business. At last count, some 60 entities, including companies, R&D organizations and universities, are working on quantum dots, according to Touch Display Research.

In total, the quantum dot component market was a $75 million business in 2013, according to Touch Display Research. The firm forecasts that the quantum dot display and lighting component market will surpass $2 billion by 2016 and reach $10.6 billion by 2025…

Seeking Alpha , June 18, 2015

seeking alfa logo

The Next Generation Of Monitors: A Quantum Step Forward

By Daniel Carlson,

… According to Jennifer Colegrove, PhD, who is the founder of Touch Display Research, “the quantum dot display and lighting component market will surpass $2 billion by 2016 and reach $10.6 billion by 2025.” Her article, found here, is worth a read to understand the size of the opportunity in front of QD manufacturers. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words…

PCWorld, November 6, 2014


Dell drops 5K monitor price after Apple launches 5K iMac

by Agam Shah@agamsh

…The monitor, when announced, was originally priced $2,499.99. Dell did not immediately provide reasons for the change on the price. However, Jennifer Colegrove, founder and president of Touch Display Research, said Apple’s 27-inch iMac, which sports a 5K display, may have been a catalyst. At $2,000, Dell’s 5K monitor may be worth it for those who want to upgrade from conventional 1080p monitors, Colegrove said.

Dell’s 5K monitor has its merits, sporting an “anti-smudge/anti-reflective edge-to-edge glass design and pristine picture quality for color-critical work,” Colegrove said.

The monitor can work with any PC a user chooses, Colegrove said. It could be attractive to graphic designers, movie makers and others who find high-resolution images valuable, she said.

But vendors are gradually moving to 5K and beyond—to 8K resolution. The first 8K TVs will come out next year, and monitors based on the technology are likely to appear in 2017, Colegrove said.

Reuters, August 13, 2014

Reuters logo

With sharp focus, quantum dot makers scale up to meet demand
By Soham Chatterjee and Lehar Maan

….Touch Display Research analyst Jennifer Colegrove said she expected a $9.6 billion market for quantum-dot displays and lighting components by 2023, compared with sales of just $75 million last year. (link to Quantum dot report).

Information Display, May/June 2014 issue:

Information Display June 14 cover

The Virtues of Quantum Dots, by Seth Coe-Sullivan

Page 26. “…OLED TVs on the market are consuming two or even three times that of an equivalent LCD TV. (Colegrove’s Touch Display Research. Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report. August 2013, pp.9-14.)”

Photonics Spectra, May 2014 issue:

photonic spectra cover

QDs Up Display Color, Brightness with Less Power, by Melinda Rose

“…QDs could bring dramatic improvements to LCDs in terms of color range, accuracy, and power consumption, said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, an analyst and president of Touch Display Research Inc. in January, “This is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies for LCD in recent several years,” she added, noting that the QD-LCD is beginning to challenge the active matrix organic LED (AMOLED). “We forecast quantum dot components will have rapid penetration into LCDs from 2014 to 2023.” The quantum dot display component market surpassed $70 million in 2013, according to a December survey of quantum dot suppliers conducted by Touch Display Research; QDs for display and lighting component will reach $9.6 billion by 2023, the firm predicted.

Information Display, Mar/Apr. 2013 issue:

Information Display cover

SID Bay Area Chapter Hosts a Glimpse into the Future of Displays, by Stephen P. Atwood

At the January 2013 SID BA conference, “…Jennifer Colegrove, President of Touch Display Research, spoke about the opportunities for continued technical advances in technologies and commented on the future potential. She said that there are “currently over 10 different technologies that can be made into flexible displays.” She went on to make a bold prediction that we will see a “flexible AMOLED from Samsung in 2013 that will be a phone and a tablet combined, with a screen size >5 inch.” That certainly got my attention! The market revenue for flexible displays in 2011 was a modest $400 million, but Jennifer predicts by 2015 that it could be as much as $2.5 billion. Some of the key technology areas that are ripe for further development include OLED flexible barrier layers, color for e-Paper, ITO replacement materials, flexible touch, and better/smaller batteries.”

Editor: Dr. Colegrove’s predication in January 2013 became reality in October 2013 when Samsung released the Galaxy Round with curved AMOLED. A couple weeks later, LG released the G Flex with flexible AMOLED too.

SEMI, July 2013


Options for Adding Memory and Logic to Printed or Flexible Electronics By Paula Doe, SEMI

“…Touch Display Research says the market for non-ITO transparent conductors will be about $206 million this year, and grow to some $4 billion by 2020.  “High demand for touchscreens for notebook and PC size displays has created a shortage of ITO touch sensors since the end of last year to drive more interest in these technologies, and the more flexible and potentially cheaper replacement technologies are getting more mature,” notes Jennifer Colegrove, president and analyst, who will speak at the FlexTech workshop on transparent conductors. She notes that Atmel, FUJIFILM, Unipixel and Cambrios are all in some phase of production.”

MIT technology review

Ink-Jet Printing Could Be the Key to Next-Generation OLED Displays

By Mike Orcutt, November 20, 2013

….. Researchers have long known that they could use ink-jet printing to make OLED pixels. In fact, it’s been the subject of years of research and development by the printing company Epson and others. But while several companies have tried it, the technology has not yet worked for mass production, says Jennifer Colegrove, president of Touch Display Research. Among other challenges, the lifetimes of printed materials have been too short, she says.

Our recent published articles in industry journals

SEMI Market Info, October 25, 2016


Augmented Reality in 2017-2018

By Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and principal analyst, Touch Display Research Inc.

SEMI Global Update, September 27, 2016

Semi logo

Automotive Innovation ─$60 Billion in Opportunities

Huge Opportunities for Touch Screen, Display, Sensors and Semiconductor Companies

By Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D. ,CEO and principal analyst, Touch Display Research Inc.

RTC magzine article, February 2016. Page 17 to 19.

RTC magzine with my article

Touch and touchless human machine interaction sensor market

By Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. Touch Display Research.

embedded guest blog article, August 2014.

embedded logo

embedded my title

SID Information Display journal, July/Aug 2014 issue

Information Display July Aug 14 cover

New Trends in Touch

By Jennifer Colegrove


SID Information Display journal, July/Aug 2013 issue

SID Information display logo

ITO Replacement Market Will Grow to $4 Billion by 2020

By Jennifer Colegrove