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Touch Display Research–empower your business strategic planning and investment on touch screen and emerging display technologies. 触控显示研究公司–增强您公司的战略计划,精准您公司的投资方向。

Touch Display Research Inc. (www.TouchDisplayResearch.com) is a technology market research and consulting firm founded in 2012 in Silicon Valley, specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies such as Micro and mini LED, OLED display, quantum dots, flexible/curved display, ITO-replacement, e-paper display, near-eye display, gesture control, voice control, sensors for AR/VR/AI, automotive applications and smart windows market.   触控显示研究公司(www.TouchDisplayResearch.com) 是2012年在硅谷成立的一家技术市场研究和咨询公司,致力于触摸屏和新兴显示技术市场, 例如: Micro mini LED, OLED显示器, 量子点, 柔性显示器和弯曲显示器, ITO替代品, 电子纸显示器, 主动笔, 姿势控制,声音控制,眼球控制, AR / VR / AI传感器,汽车应用, 智慧玻璃, 等市场.

Touch Display Research provides market research reports, consulting projects, tutoring, industry matching and due diligence for touch suppliers, display manufacturers, consumer electronic ODMs/OEMs, material suppliers, investor companies, venture capitalists, and companies who are merging or acquiring companies in the touch screen, display, and material industry. 触控显示研究公司提供市场研究报告,咨询项目,辅导,行业匹配和投资前调查. 我们的客户包括触摸屏供应商,显示器制造商,消费电子ODM / OEM,材料供应商,投资者公司,风险投资家,以及正在并购或收购触摸屏,显示器和材料行业公司的公司.

With more than 18 years of experience in the display and touch panel industry, Touch Display Research was the first market research firm to publish quantum dot market reports. We were the first company to publish Active Pen market report. We were the first company to publish an ITO-replacement industry report. Touch Display Research is also best known for the accurate market and technology forecast. Our CEO and Principal Analyst–Dr. Colegrove–forecasted Apple to adopt AMOLED display 18 months before it happened; She forecasted Samsung to release a smartphone with 5.x inch flexible AMOLED display 9 months before it happened; She accurately forecasted 4K OLED TV’s market entrance time 2 years before it happened; She forecasted Apple to release active pen 14 months before it happened. Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. She has authored over 100 forecast reports and over 120 articles. Her articles have appeared in SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, Veritas et Visus, etc. She is frequently quoted by media and industry press, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Forbs, Bloomberg, and Computer World. She can be reached at jc@TouchDisplayResearch.com. 触控显示研究公司是第一家发布量子点市场报告的市场研究公司; 是第一家发布主动笔市场报告的市场研究公司; 第一家发布ITO替代品市场报告的公司. 我们的CEO和首席分析师—孔博士—拥有超过18年的工业界工作经验, 有准确预测的良好声誉. 她提前9个月预测到三星将发布带有5.x英寸AMOLED显示屏的智能手机. 在2013年1月,她预测 “4K AMOLED显示屏的电视将在2015年入市”. 她的这个预测在确切时间成为现实. 在2013年6月的 “触控与新兴显示报告”里, 她预测 “苹果将在18个月内采用AMOLED有机发光二级管显示”. 随着2014年9月宣布的苹果手表(2015年4月发售),她的预测在18个月内成为现实. 在2014年7月, 孔博士写道, “…我坚信苹果将很快发布主动式笔.” 随着2015年9月宣布推出Apple Pencil,她的预测在14个月内实现。孔博士通过她近年来的标准报告或咨询项目曾为200多家公司提供咨询. 她著作了100多部预测报告, 以及120多篇文章。她的文章登载于SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, Veritas et Visus, etc。她经常被媒体和行业信息引用,包括Wall Street Journal华而街日报,USA Today今日美国, New York Times纽约时报,Forbs福布斯,Bloomberg and Computer World, 等。您可以通过jc@TouchDisplayResearch.com与她联系。

Touch Display Research helps technology companies grow and connecting their technologies to the marketplace. We can help you too. 触控显示研究公司帮助技术公司发展并将其技术连接到市场。我们也可以帮助您。

We are a member of FlexTech Alliance , SEMI and member of SID (Society for Information Display). 我们是FlexTech Alliance,SEMI和SID(信息显示协会)的会员。

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The key characteristic that differentiates Touch Display Research from other market research firms is:

      • Analyst with Ph.D., and 18 years working experience as senior engineer and VP of market research firm
      • A high level of experience and knowledge in the specialty technology areas
      • Insight of the market trends through massive survey of industry contacts
      • Passion for our industry, to provide the best analysis and business strategy recommendations for clients
      • Servant spirit. We walk an extra mile to deliver more than client expected, on time and within budget
      • We provide PowerPoint, easy for client to use and copy into their presentation. (most competitors offer PDF)
      • We also provide excel database of hundreds company’s profiles, with website linked and detail database. (most competitors don’t offer excel.)
      • Low price

Our Clients

Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in the past few years. Our clients include small start-ups, large public companies, and investment companies.

    • Start-ups have unique technologies. They purchased our out-of-shelf reports and custom reports to find out which applications their technology fit the best, which companies or research institutes they could partner with or sell their technology to. They also used our market forecast data to apply for VC funding.
    • Large companies purchased our standard reports or custom services to help with their strategic planning for the growth area, or choose the best suppliers. They also find hundreds of companies in our excel database to invest in or to acquire.
    • Investment companies purchased our services and hired us to do due diligence on proposed investment.
    • Your company should also become our client. We can help you.
  • Case study #1: Market intelligence report

An equipment company has some unique machines to coat transparent conductors. It came to Touch Display Research to understand the market opportunity for these machines. Dr. Colegrove, who has been analyzing the touch screen, display and material industry for over 10 years, advised the company to target the touch screen industry and certain market segments. She recommended our “Touch Panel for Vertical Market Report”, since the report profiled over 200 touch screen manufacturers, and the equipment company bought the report. One and a half year later, Dr. Colegrove met the equipment company at a conference, where the manager of the equipment company thanked Dr. Colegrove for her report. He described how they successfully supplied their machines to several touch screen manufacturers, and the equipment company is expanding business.

Case study #2: Industry match-making

A startup company worked with a local university and developed a unique material and process of coating the material. The startup company came to Touch Display Research for the market opportunity for this material. Dr. Colegrove performed a feasibility analysis of this material and industry match-making service for this startup company. Dr. Colegrove recommended 6 companies that this startup company should contact. Then Dr. Colegrove sent introduction emails to connect the startup company with a high-level manager or officer in each of the 6 companies. Within 3 months, the startup company was working with 4 of those 6 companies and testing the samples of this material.

Case study #3: Due diligence for investors

An investor company was evaluating a startup and its technologies, and needed to make a decision on whether to invest in the startup company or not. The investor asked Touch Display Research to perform due diligence on this startup company. Dr. Colegrove analyzed the technology of the startup, and then traveled to the facility of the startup company where she talked to managers and engineers. Dr. Colegrove reported the situation, along with details that she found during the visit, and made recommendations to the investors. The investors decided to make an investment in the startup company. Several years later, the startup company was acquired by a larger company. The investors earned millions of dollars in return on this investment.

Case study #4: New technology competitive analysis and advice on application market targets, and TAM (Total Addressable Market) forecast

A company had two new technologies and needed to plan business strategy for the next several years. They came to Touch Display Research asking for consulting services and a customized market forecast for segments.  Touch Display Research proposed a custom project for this client, and performed a competitive analysis of this company’s technologies (through asking questions by emails and having phone meetings with the client). Dr. Colegrove wrote a customized report that included competitive analysis, advice on application market targets for near term (1 to 2 years), mid-term (3 to 5 years) and long term (>5 years), and recommendation on business strategies. Touch Display Research also provided a customized total addressable market (TAM) forecast, with detailed breakdown by each segment market. An Excel database with charts was also provided. Based on the result from Touch Display Research, the client planned a data-based, resource-focused business strategy.

Case study #5: Startup company applies for funding

A startup company had a new technology and needed to raise funding. They came to Touch Display Research asking for consulting services and a market forecast for their fields. Dr. Colegrove performed a competitive analysis of this company’s technology, and wrote a customized report that included competitive analysis, also providing a customized total addressable market (TAM) forecast with a detailed break down by each segment market. An Excel database with charts was also provided to the client. Based on the results from Touch Display Research, the client company made an impressive pitch during their fund raising, and received $2 million funding within 6 months. (These are the results of actual clients. However, we can’t guarantee the same funding results for every client.)

What our clients say

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate industry knowledge, up-to-date information, forward-thinking analysis and the best business strategy recommendations to our clients. This links to the story of our mission.

“Every prudent person acts out of knowledge”–Proverb

“The more advice you get, the more likely you are to win.” –Proverb

Touch Display Research’s market intelligence can help you succeed. Please feel free to contact us.

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