Foolishly Brave, Unconditionally Blessed


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Born in the midst of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Jennifer Colegrove grew up in a poor village in China, studied at Peking University in Beijing, and received her Ph.D. from Kent State University in Ohio. In her remarkable memoir, this storyteller shares her fifty-year journey from a student to working mother in Silicon Valley, and entrepreneur in Austin, Texas.
“Chinese girl in a village–foolishly brave”, “Elementary school—adjust in the city”, and “Middle and high school– girls are not as good as boys?” Dr. Colegrove tells how she survived poverty and adversity, how she helped a friend escape from bullies in China, and how she recovered from self-doubt.
“International and interracial marriage”, Dr. Colegrove shares the cultural differences and some ancient Chinese stories.
“Motherhood and lawsuit”, “When your father is NOT the chairman—working woman in Silicon Valley”, “How to find your dream job—and story of two jade”, and “Stand up for your name”, Dr. Colegrove talks about Asian women suffering in business, how she sued her ex-employer after they laid her off when she was pregnant.
“Exodus—How I escaped my ex-employer’s lawyers”, Dr. Colegrove shares her fear, courage and how she left her ex-employer and established her own company.
“How we bought a house in Austin, Texas during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, Dr. Colegrove tells the story of why and how they moved from California to Texas, and how they bought a house in Austin.
“Say a prayer and get strength from a higher power” and “Miracles in China”, Dr. Colegrove shares how she moved to USA, how she became a believer and God helped her in many ways.
“Love yourself plan” and “Love your people plan”, Dr. Colegrove believes life can be full of joy if you choose to, and she shows us how.

My mom once said I was foolishly brave, unconditionally blessed. I’m foolishly brave once again to write and share these stories, with genuine hope that what I went through can help you somewhere, sometime, and in some way. Here are the stories. —-Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D.

Video Introducing the Book