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SID 2018: flexible display, quantum dots and smart windows are hot topics

May 24, 2018, by Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D.

I just returned from SID DisplayWeek 2018 in the beautiful Log Angeles, California. It was my honor to meet some of you in person.

When I asked the president of SID– Dr. Helge Seetzen at Tandemlaunch—on Tuesday, he indicated this year’s conference had broken the record with over 6400 people registered, and there may be more in the next couple of days.

According to the SID Seminar chair—Dr. Ray Ma at Nanosys–, the attendees of the Monday seminar is also a record high, with over 800 people registered for Monday seminars. Good job, applause to the SID DisplayWeek committees.

I was excited and honored to be invited and taught a seminar at SID DisplayWeek again. The 90-minutes seminar is about Display and Emerging Technologies Market Forecast –LCD, OLED, e-paper, touch screen, smart windows and voice recognition.

Figure. Dr. Colegrove teaches a Seminar at SID 2018

Photo credit: Dr. Bin Wang at Eastman.

Flexible display, quantum dots, smart windows, touch panels, micro LEDs are hot topics at SID 2018. Each of these fields has some as expected, and also has some surprises.

In the recently published “Flexible display and flexible touch 2018 report, 3rd edition,” Touch Display Research Inc., analyzed over 10 flexible display technologies in 13 application markets, with detail of substrate material type and form factor. More than 270 companies working on flexible display and flexible touch screens are profiled in the report.

What are the surprises of each hot topics? More analysis of SID 2018 can be found in the “Touch and Emerging Display” monthly report.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team