Automotive Touch, Display, ADAS and Touchless HMI 2022 Report


Understand automotive touch, display, ADAS technologies and choose the right supplier for your applications. PowerPoint file of over 600 pages and Excel database with over 700 company profiles included.



Touch Display Research Inc., a market research and consulting firm, analyzes automotive touch screen, display, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System), and touchless human-machine-interaction (HMI) technologies and supply chain. This is the 5th edition with many updates over the fourth edition (published in 2021). More than 700 companies working on automotive technologies are profiled in the report.

Figure 1. Automotive touch, display, ADAS and touchless HMI technologies, supply chain, and market forecast 2022-2029 report


Source: Touch Display Research, Sept 2022

This report mainly covers four parts of automotive industry: touch, display, ADAS and touchless HMI. We also discussed other emerging technologies for automotive, including self-driving vehicles, smart windows, haptic feedback, micro and mini LED lighting, batteries and fuel cells, augmented reality, and virtual reality for the automotive market.

“Even with the record high inflation, the demand for cars are still high. Touch Display Research forecasts the supply chain of automotive touch screens, displays, and ADAS will have a revolution in the next several years,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst at Touch Display Research and author of the reports.

Table of contents and report sample are available upon request.

  • Dr. Colegrove, author of this report, has conducted many first-hand surveys and interviews with touch panel suppliers, display suppliers, touchless sensor suppliers, automotive system integrators, and automotive brand companies in the past 12 years.
  • This report includes a PowerPoint file of over 600 pages and an Excel database.
  • The challenges of automotive technologies and business strategy recommendations are provided.
  • Market data in the report includes 7 years of history data (2015 -2021) and 8 years forecast (2022 to 2029).
  • The touch for automotive market forecast includes Unit, ASP and Revenue, with a detailed breakdown by projected capacitive touch (discrete), in-cell on-cell, resistive, and other touch technologies.
  • The display for automotive market forecast includes Unit, ASP and Revenue, with a detailed breakdown by 11 display technologies: quantum dot with blue mini LED backlight LCD, quantum dot with blue regular size LED backlight LCD, white mini LED backlight LCD, conventional TFT LCD, PMLCD or segmented, AMOLED, micro LED direct view, PMOLED+VFD, micro LED HUD, and conventional HUD.
  • The touchless HMI for automotive market forecast includes Unit, ASP and Revenue, with a detailed breakdown by ADAS ((Advanced Driver Assistant System), gesture control, eye-tracking, voice command, proximity touch, and other touchless technologies.
  • Regional analysis is also provided in this report.

Reasons to pick these reports:

  • We survey and interview hundreds of companies annually to provide the first-hand information and analysis in this report.
  • Find potential clients or partners from the list of over 700 companies
  • Deeper understanding of automotive touch, display, ADAS technologies and the landscape to refine your technology roadmap
  • Anticipate industry challenges, determine market status
  • Obtain automotive HMI market intelligence, understand market trends and profit from it
  • Know your competitors; these reports will be your advantage
  • Invest in the right areas and avoid costly wrong investment
  • Empower your business planning, make fact-based decisions

The “Automotive touch, display, ADAS and touchless HMI 2021-2028 Report, 4th edition” is available immediately.

This report includes:

  • PowerPoint file: >600 pages
  • Excel database: Profiled >700 companies
  • Published: Sept 19, 2022
  • Price: $6200 for company with <5 users. $6900 for company with 5 or more users
  • Bonus: The client can have a 30-minute free phone call with the author Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, within three months of purchase

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