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Corning Astra glass and Quantum Dot on Glass

May 16, 2019, by Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. Touch Display Research Inc.

I just returned from the SID 2019 DisplayWeek. According to the conference organizer, there were more than 7500 attendees this year, which is a record high in SID’s history.

The Monday seminar at the DisplayWeek attracted record high attendees as well. (See my blog a couple days ago).

On Tuesday morning, Corning hosted a press event and announced its new glass—Astra glass.

Figure. Corning’s Business Director, Mr. Han Yim introduces the Astra glass.

Source: Touch Display Research

Mr. Han Yim, Business Director at Corning first introduced Corning’s history and then he introduced the Astra glass, “Astra Glass meets the precise, high-temperature requirements of oxide processing and joins our portfolio of display substrates, alongside EAGLE XG® Glass and Lotus™ NXT Glass, to cover the entire spectrum of our customers’ needs.”

Touch Display Research visited Corning’s booth and interviewed Mr. Yim about Astra glass. We also interviewed Corning about Quantum Dot on Glass. Detail analysis can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team

Glass War: Corning and Asahi Glass

June 13, 2013

At SID 2013 in Vancouver I had a chance to visit the booth of Asahi Glass (AGC) and talk to general manager Asano-san and assistant manager Yoshida-san.  (See picture below: Asano-san showing me the self-adhesive cover glass.)

I also visited Corning’s booth and talked to the director of marketing for Gorilla Glass––David Velasquez. (See picture below: Corning cover glass for notebook PC.) I also met Corning’s director for Willow Glass Harrison Smookler and director for Lotus Glass Christopher Hudson.

It’s very clear that these two large corporations are competing head-to-head in cover glass, ultrathin glass, LTPS/oxide TFT substrate and other areas. The battle is heating up.

Figure: SID 2013 exhibition: (left) AGC self-adhesive cover glass; (right) Corning cover glass for Notebook PC

AGC self adhesiveCorning OGS

Photo by Jennifer Colegrove

Both AGC and Corning are billion-dollar corporations. AGC is much bigger than Corning in terms of number of employees and revenue, but Corning has produced a higher net income in the last few years.

Which company is the market leader in cover glass? Who is winning the LTPS/oxide TFT substrate? Which company is leading in ultrathin glass? What’s Touch Display Research’s business strategy recommendation? A detailed analysis will be in the upcoming “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, June 2013 issue.

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Jennifer and team