Glass War: Corning and Asahi Glass

June 13, 2013

At SID 2013 in Vancouver I had a chance to visit the booth of Asahi Glass (AGC) and talk to general manager Asano-san and assistant manager Yoshida-san.  (See picture below: Asano-san showing me the self-adhesive cover glass.)

I also visited Corning’s booth and talked to the director of marketing for Gorilla Glass––David Velasquez. (See picture below: Corning cover glass for notebook PC.) I also met Corning’s director for Willow Glass Harrison Smookler and director for Lotus Glass Christopher Hudson.

It’s very clear that these two large corporations are competing head-to-head in cover glass, ultrathin glass, LTPS/oxide TFT substrate and other areas. The battle is heating up.

Figure: SID 2013 exhibition: (left) AGC self-adhesive cover glass; (right) Corning cover glass for Notebook PC

AGC self adhesiveCorning OGS

Photo by Jennifer Colegrove

Both AGC and Corning are billion-dollar corporations. AGC is much bigger than Corning in terms of number of employees and revenue, but Corning has produced a higher net income in the last few years.

Which company is the market leader in cover glass? Who is winning the LTPS/oxide TFT substrate? Which company is leading in ultrathin glass? What’s Touch Display Research’s business strategy recommendation? A detailed analysis will be in the upcoming “Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report”, June 2013 issue.

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer and team