jenny-2010-gif-smallDr. Jennifer K. Colegrove 

Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove is the founder, president and principle analyst of Touch Display Research Inc. She writes reports and performs consulting projects on touch screen and display technologies, including touch screens, near-eye displays, flexible displays, OLED displays, OLED lighting, ITO-replacement, quantum dot, 3D displays, e-paper displays, pocket projectors, gesture control, voice control, eye control.

孔春祯博士是触控显示研究公司的创办人,总裁及分析师。触控显示研究公司是一家致力于触控显示技术的市场调查及咨询公司。她的报告和咨询项目专注于触控显示技术, 包括触控屏,ITO替代品,近眼显示,柔性显示器,有机发光显示器,3D显示器,电子纸显示器,微型投影机,姿势控制,声音控制,眼球控制。

Dr. Colegrove is called “Doctor Touch” by her colleagues, since she is best known as the first analyst to write a comprehensive touch screen industry report since 2006. It has been 8 years in a row. She is also the first analyst to write a comprehensive quantum dot display industry report since 2013. Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. Colegrove has over 15 years of industry experience. She was Vice President of Emerging Display Technologies at DisplaySearch from 2008 to 2012. She led a team of analysts in Asia and US and doubled the category revenue within 2 years and maintained high level growth in the following 2 years. Previously, she served as a senior analyst at iSuppli (currently IHS) from 2006 to 2008, leading the emerging display technology services division. She led the division for a fast turnaround by introducing new product—Touch screen report. Prior to that, Colegrove performed due diligence for Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel, as a senior display engineer from 2004 to 2006. She also reviewed display-related patent applications as a member of the Intel Mobile IP committee. She held senior engineer or project manager positions from 1999 to 2003 in several start-up companies, including dpiX (a Xerox spin-off), Digilens, Silicon Bandwidth and Crystal Research.

孔博士是著名的写全球触控行业报告的第一位分析师。从2006年迄今已连续8年。孔博士有超过15年的工业界工作经验。她曾是DisplaySearch的副总裁,之前,她是iSuppli(现在IHS)的高级分析师。她曾在英特尔Intel作高级显示器工程师,作Intel Capital英特尔创投的技术顾问。她也有硅谷起始公司的工作经验。她著作了60多部预测报告, 以及100多篇文章。她的文章登载于SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Nikkei BP, Veritas et Visus, etc。她经常被媒体和行业信息引用,包括Wall Street Journal华而街日报,New York Times纽约时报,Forbs福布斯,Bloomberg and Computer World。孔博士曾在全球50多个会议中演讲和作主持。

Her articles have appeared in SID Journal, Information Display, IEEE Journal, Veritas et Visus, etc with over 100 publications, and she is frequently quoted by media and industry press, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbs, Bloomberg, and ComputerWorld. Colegrove has been a featured speaker and session chairperson at over 50 conferences world wide, including SID DisplayWeek, FPD International in Japan, Plastic Electronic Conference in Europe, OLED World Summit, OLED Lighting Summit, LOPE-C in Europe, Flexible Electronics & Display, Interactive Display, and Printed Electronic, Global FPD in Japan, SEMICON West, InforComm, AUO OLED Forum, SEMI Strategic Material conference, DisplaySearch USFPD,  DisplaySearch Emerging Display Technology, DisplaySearch Japan/Korea/China conferences.

Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. She is currently a member of advisory board at Linde, which is the world’s largest gases and engineering company.

She has five patent applications with one US patent granted. She is co-author of a book: Nuclear Soldier: Stories and Poems About Chinese Life (available on


Jennifer Kong Colegrove has a Ph.D. from Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in Ohio. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from Beijing University in Beijing, China.