LG announced quantum dot TV; quantum dot market forecast

December 16, 2014

Today LG announced it’ll showcase its quantum dot TV at the upcoming CES 2015. We also expect Samsung to show quantum dot TV.

Quantum dot could improve Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) dramatically in terms of color gamut, color accuracy and reducing power consumption. This is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies for LCD in recent several years. Now quantum dot LCD is challenging AMOLED.

Touch Display Research surveyed many quantum dot suppliers and found that the quantum dot display component market surpassed $70 million in 2013.   We forecast that the quantum dot display and lighting component market will reach $9.6 billion by 2023.

Figure. Quantum dot display and lighting market forecast

QD market forecast chart

Source: Touch Display Research “Quantum dot display and lighting technologies and market forecast report”.

Touch Display Research will be at CES 2015 and report about all quantum dot displays and lighting.

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