E Ink Flexible and Color Displays at 2013 FlexTech Conference

January 30, 2013

Today was the third day of FlexTech’s 2013 Flexible and Printed Electronics Conference. It continued to be popular with five hundred attendees and sixty exhibition booths.

E Ink demonstrated several flexible electrophoretic display products and color displays with front lighting at their booth. Below is a short video (2 min) of Jennifer Vail, senior marketing manager at E ink, who introduced the flexible products already in the market and future products.

Video: E Ink booth at 2013 Flexible and printed Electronics conference. Video producer: Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research Inc.

What product was LG’s first flexible display used on? When will E Ink’s own flexible active matrix display hit the market? What is the flexible active matrix display roadmap from now until 2014? A detailed analysis will be in the upcoming Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report, Feb 2013 issue.

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer and team