CES 2018 voice control is THE trend

January 10, 2018, By Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. Touch Display Research Inc.

I’m at the raining Las Vegas for the CES 2018. (Rain is very rare at Las Vegas, but rain is good for this region. But it sure caused slow traffic.) Today is the first day of the exhibition, while yesterday was a whole day of press conferences.

Clearly, voice control/voice recognition is the number one trend of this year.

  • Yesterday, at Samsung’s press conference Samsung emphasized their voice control to be integrated to their refrigerator with a huge touch display, to make it into integrated family hub.
  • Faurecia’s press conference announced to partner with Amazon Alexa to bring the voice command experience from living room to cars.
  • Over 40 smart speakers are already in the market or announced.

In the recently published “Voice Command, Voice Translator, Smart Speaker Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast 2017 Report,” Touch Display Research forecasts the overall voice recognition market will grow to $43 billion in 2024.

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team