Novares invested in FlexEnable and flexible display market

May 3, 2018, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D. Principal Analyst at Touch Display Research Inc.

Today, FlexEnable, the leader in the development and industrialization of plastic electronics for flexible displays and sensors, announced that Novares, a global plastic solutions provider serving the automotive industry, will invest 5 million euros into FlexEnable.

Novares is a France-based billion-dollar company suppling plastic parts to automotive industry. Mr. Pierre Boulet, CEO of Novares indicated they have created a Venture Capital Fund of 50 million euros to invest in the development of technological innovations over the next five years, with a first equity investment in FlexEnable.

Touch Display Research believes this is a good move. In the recently published “Flexible Display & Flexible Touch 2018 Report”, 3rd Edition, Touch Display Research analyzed all the flexible display technologies in 14 application markets. Automotive is one of the promising market, the other 13 markets are: smart watch, wearable (other than smart watch), curved TV, curved monitor/AIO PC, NB/tablet PC, secondary or cover display, mobile phone main display, phablet and tablet, e-reader and e-note, public signage, gaming casino, other applications.

Figure. Flexible Display in 14 application markets

1 SmartWatch
2 Wearable (other than smart watch)
3 Curved TV
4 Curved monitor/AIO PC
5 NB/tablet PC
6 Secondary or cover display
7 Mobile phone main display
8 Phablet tablet
9 Automotive
10 e-reader, e-note
11 Memory device
12 Public signage
13 Gaming casino
14 Other app

Source: Touch Display Research Inc., Flexible Display & Flexible Touch 2018 Report, 3rd Edition, March 2018

  • Flexible/curved display exhibitions in worldwide conferences in recent 4 years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) are covered in this report,
  • The 3rd edition Flexible Display &Flexible Touch report has many update over the 2nd edition (which was published in 2015) and over the first edition (which was published in 2013).
  • This report include a PowerPoint file (>600 pages) and an Excel database. Market data in the report includes 6 years history data (2012-2017) and 10 years forecast data (from 2018 to 2027).
  • This report profiles over 270 companies working on flexible display and flexible touch screens.
  • The market forecast includes Unit, ASP, Revenue, Area(square meter), with a detailed breakdown in eight display technology categories: Electrophoretic AM, Electrophoretic PM/segmented, AMOLED, PMOLED, AMLCD, PMLCD, Other tech AM, Other tech PM/segmented;
  • The market forecast includes a detailed breakdown in 14 application categories, and five size categories are included: <4.99”, 5-9.99”, 10-19.99”, 20-49.99”, >50”.
  • Flexible/curved display industry roadmap from 2008 to 2018 are analyzed and provided in this report,
  • Colegrove, author of this report, has conducted many first-hand interviews of display manufacturers, touch screen suppliers, material and component suppliers, and ODMs/OEMs in recent 12 years.
  • This report provides market analysis and forecast of flexible/curved display, with analysis of flexible touch screen, flexible lighting, and flexible batteries.
  • This report provides a Bill of Material (BOM) analysis of flexible displays vs. rigid glass displays,
  • Regional analysis is also provided in this report.

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