Fitbit wristband lover

February 15, 2014

This morning, I was reading Wall Street Journal and laughing. I must share with my readers.

Today’s Wall Street Journal reported that Fitbit’s new wristband–Force band causes skin rashes after user wears it for several days or weeks. A user “loved his Fitbit Force so much that when red bumps began to appear on his wrist in early February, he moved it to his other wrist. Four days later, he had rashes on both wrists, he said.”

Sometimes, we love someone or something so much, we can put up with it. The Force’s display is only 0.7 inch, the smallest among the recent released smart wearable devices. We recommend Fitbit to use a bigger and curved display on the next generation wristband. Touch Display Research forecasts 30 million units flexible and curved displays will be shipped for smart watch application by 2023.

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Jennifer and team