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Vehicle Display 2016 Conference is very successful

September 29, 2016

I just returned from the Vehicle Display 2016 Conference, at Livonia, Michigan. It’s a very successful conference with over 300 attendees. This is my 4th time to speak at this conference. It’s my honor to meet some of you in person.

Continental AG’s VP of Instrumentation and Driver HMI, Ms. Jennifer Wahnschaff, gave a keynote titled “The road ahead: What do future consumers want”.

Figure: Continental’s Ms. Jennifer Wahnschaff keynote at Vehicle Display 2016 conference


Photo by: Touch Display Research.

On behalf of Touch Display Research, I gave a presentation on automotive displays, touch panel, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) and touchless human-machine-interface.

This conference is well mixed of market analysis, and automotive engineers’ paper of how to improve sunlight readability, reduce glare, improve optical performance for automotive, and discussions of Head-up display (HUD) for automotive.

Figure: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove from Touch Display Research presenting


Photo credit: Mr. Jones at FlexEnable.

This year’s conference also have the record high number of exhibitors. More analysis and review of the Vehicle Display 2016 Conference can be found in the “Touch and Emerging Display” October monthly report.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team