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International Liquid Crystal Conference 2016 Review

August 4, 2016

I just returned from the International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) 2016. I’m honored to be invited to give a presentation at this conference, and especially at Kent State University, which is my home University.

Figure 1: Kent Student Centers

Kent State University

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove

Kent State University has changed a lot since I graduated with a Ph.D. in the year 2000. Many science buildings and dormitory buildings have been added. The Kent Student Center, the Library and the plaza in between had been remodeled.

The ILCC is very successful with about 700 attendees this year. It is the largest academic meeting in the field of liquid crystals, held biennially under the auspices of the International Liquid Crystal Society.

Quantum dot is a hot topic in this year’s ILCC. In my presentation about display market, I discussed several new opportunities:  flexible and curved displays, and quantum dot displays.

Figure 2. Dr. Jennifer Colegrove presenting at ILCC 2016 in Kent State University

Jenny ILCC 2016

At ILCC 2016, Crystalplex showcased their SapphireTM Quantum Dots, which they claim is air-stable quantum dots.

Figure 3. Crystalplex at ILCC 2016.

Crystalplex poster

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove

Merck is also entering quantum dot field by signing a distribution agreement with Nanoco this week.

In the recently published “Quantum Dot 2016 Report (Third Edition),” Touch Display Research surveyed many quantum dot suppliers, display manufacturers and OEMs, and analyzed and forecasted the quantum dot display component market with detail of material type and form factor. This report profiles over 80 companies working on quantum dot materials and quantum dot components. Touch Display Research forecasts the overall QD display component and lighting and QLED market will surpass $2 billion by 2017, and reach $10.8 billion by 2026.

Figure 4. Quantum dot component for display and lighting market forecast

quantum dot forecast 2016

Source: Touch Display Research, Quantum dot 2016 report

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team