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Touchless bio sensor technologies and market

December 5, 2014

When I was shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond recently, I saw this S+ sleep sensor. It’s made by ResMed based in San Diego. ResMed claims it is the world’s first non-contact sleep systems that helps you analyze and improve your sleep.

Figure. Touchless sleep sensor

bed bath Splus

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond and ResMed, Nov, 2014

There are wrist-wear bands in the market that can track your sleep pattern, but a touchless (or called non-contact) bio sensor is more comfortable and convenient.

Touchless bio sensors were widely used for human safety, hygiene/cleanness, security, health, convenience, authentication and entertainment. From gesture control to voice command, from eye tracking to human motion sensor, Touch Display Research analyzed over 200 leading manufacturers, system integrators, and brand companies working in this field.

In the “Touchless Human-machine-interaction” report, we forecast the touchless bio sensor market will reach $42.6 Billion by 2020.

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