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40 smart speaker models compared

January 2, 2018, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D. Touch Display Research Inc.

Although Apple’s HomePod is delayed to early 2018, more than 40 smart speaker models are already in the market or announced. We compared them side-by-side in one page in the excel database of the “Voice Command, Voice Translator, Smart Speaker Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast 2017 Report”.

Voice command, voice recognition, speech recognition, (also called voice dictation, spoken dictation, spoken command, voice control, voice assistant, virtual assistant, etc.) voice translation machine, machine learning, and smart speaker devices have attracted more than 300 companies.

  • Market data in the report include 4 years of history data (2013 to 2016), and 8 years forecasts (from 2017 to 2024).
  • The market forecast data include voice recognition devices Units, module ASP and Revenue, with detail breakdown by 11 types of application devices: Automotive, Game console, TV, Mobile phone/tablet, NB/desktop/AIO PC, Wearable, Home/building automation, Smart speaker without high resolution display, Smart speaker with high resolution display, Language translator (standalone), and Other devices.
  • Challenges of voice recognition industry are analyzed. Business strategy recommendations are provided in the report as well.
  • The key characters of an ideal smart speaker is provided
  • Microphones for voice recognition market forecast is also in the report.
  • Regional analysis is also provided in this report.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team

Touch Display Research Inc.