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Vizio to release quantum dot TV and quantum dot market forecast

Oct 6, 2015

Today, Vizio released its quantum dot TV on its website. Vizio indicated “The 65” Reference Series delivers exceptional levels of color variety, precision and saturation using a specialized technology containing billions of light-conducting crystals.”

Quantum dot technology could improve Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) dramatically in terms of color gamut, color accuracy, and reducing power consumption. This is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies for LCD in recent several years.  Cadmium-free quantum dot is entering the market in 2015.

Touch Display Research forecasts that the quantum dot display and lighting component market will surpass $2 billion by 2016 and reach $10.6 billion by 2025. Over sixty companies are working on quantum dot materials and quantum dot components.

Figure 1. Quantum Dot Display and Lighting Component Market Forecast (2015 to 2025)

QD forecast 2015

Source: Touch Display Research, Quantum Dot Display and Lighting Technologies and Market Forecast Report, Second Edition, 2015

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