Chinese traditional傻大膽傻有福—繁体中文回憶錄出版了

June 27, 2022 by (孔春禎博士)Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. founder, Touch Display Research Inc.


圖: 回憶錄《傻大膽傻有福:從中國女孩到美國職業媽媽》



孔春禎博士, 作者,触控显示研究的创办人。




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孔春祯博士(英文名Jennifer K. Colegrove)在中国出生并长大。她以优异的成绩获得北京大学学士和硕士学位。孔博士拥有俄亥俄州肯特州立大学液晶研究所的博士学位。她是触控显示研究的创办人和总裁 (。

If you prefer English version of this memoir, the “Memoir: Foolishly Brave Unconditionally Blessed, From a Chinese Girl to American Working Mother” is available immediately.

Praises of Foolishly Brave Unconditionally Blessed

“It is a good book. Hard to put down.”– Jerry 

“Loved your book so much I’m starting to read it for the second time! “ –Barbara

“I really enjoyed your memoir as it is well written and has a lot of personal insights incl. cultural and religious ones. I experienced how much your parents did for you even they have only little wealth and the way you support them! That is completely different to many people in Germany – they ask for money from the government first.”  -–a reader and friend in Germany

“I just read chapter 6 today, very good. Yes, it takes love and patience to make an interracial relationship work. Especially from different cultures. But that is what Jesus teaches us right? Love and patience.”—a reader in USA

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About the Author

Dr. Jennifer K. Colegrove is the founder and CEO of Touch Display Research Inc. (, a market research and consulting firm that focuses on touch screen, display, sensor, battery and emerging technologies.

Dr. Colegrove has over twenty years of industry experience.  She holds many analyst “firsts”: She was the first analyst to write a comprehensive touch screen industry report since 2006 (therefore, she is called “Doctor Touch” by her colleagues); she was the first analyst to write an active pen industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write an ITO-replacement industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a quantum dot industry report since 2013; she was the first analyst to write a touchless HMI industry report since 2014.

She has authored over one hundred market forecast reports and over one hundred published articles. She is frequently quoted by media and industry press including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg. Dr. Colegrove has been a featured speaker and session chairperson at over one hundred worldwide conferences. Dr. Colegrove has advised over two hundred companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent years.

She has five patent applications with one U.S. patent granted.

Dr. Colegrove has a Ph.D. from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in Ohio. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from Peking University in Beijing, China. To learn more about Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and her work, you can visit the website:  or