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CES 2020: Micro LED and mini LED reached higher level

Jan 11, 2020, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research

I just returned from CES 2020 at Las Vegas. It’s my honor to meet some of you in person. CES is the conference where many consumer electronic brands show case their most advanced technologies and the conference that set the trends for the near future. At last year’s CES, micro and mini LED were hot topics (see my blog last year: CES 2019: Micro LED and mini LED made big splash).

This year, at CES 2020, micro and mini LED displays reached an even higher level.

Several existing micro LED display exhibitors continue to showcase larger and more beautiful micro LED digital signage.  Samsung brought a 292” 8K micro LED “The wall” at the CES 2020 exhibition.

One pleasant surprise this year is Konka. At CES 2020, Konka is all-in on micro LED digital signage—they showcased not one but two micro LED signage: one 8K and one 4K. Detail is in the Top 20 technology trends in 2020–CES 2020 special report.

Figure: Konka 8K and 4K micro LED displays at CES 2020

Photo source: Touch Display Research.

As we know, Konka is one of the more than 200 enterprises working on micro and mini LEDs as we covered in the Micro & Mini LED 2019 Report, and the Micro LED display patent analysis 2020 report.

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All these are covered in the upcoming “Top 20 technology trends in 2020–CES 2020 special report”. Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team