Plastic Logic Shows Flexible Displays, Video, and Watch


February 9, 2013

At FlexTech’s 2013 Flexible and Printed Electronics conference, Plastic Logic demonstrated several flexible electrophoretic display products, including a flexible active matrix display for watches. Here are two video clips I produced about Plastic Logic demos. The first features Daniel Baum, Application Engineer at Plastic Logic, who introduced to me the large-sized flexible products and a 12 fps animated video. The second is Rachel Lichten, Head of Marketing Communications at Plastic Logic who introduces the flexible display watch.

Video: Plastic Logic large displays at 2013 FlexTech Conference. Produced by Jennifer Colegrove.

Video: Plastic Logic flexible display watch at 2013 FlexTech Conference. Produced by Jennifer Colegrove

What’s the comparison between flexible display watches on the market or coming in the future? What’s Plastic Logic’s manufacturing status? What’s the flexible active matrix display roadmap till 2014? Detailed analysis can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display Monthly Report, February 2013 issue.

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