CES 2019: OLED, Quantum Dot, Micro LED, Sensors Plus AI

Jan 9th, 2019, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research

I’m at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The weather is nice this year (not like last year’s rain at CES), cloudy and cool.

As an industry analyst, the Monday’s press conference is a MUST for me to attend every year. This Monday I attended the press conference of TCL, Toyota, Samsung, Intel, and Taiwan Excellence. I also attended the Showstopper Launchit event.

Figure: CES 2019 press conference

Photo source: Touch Display Research.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I visited and talked to many companies at CES.

This year’s CES continued several trends from last year, and brought them up to a new level. The CES 2019 key trends include: OLED, Quantum Dot, Micro LED, Sensors Plus AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc.

In the Quantum Dot Market 2018 report, 5th edition, Touch Display Research forecasts the global quantum dot market will reach $16.6 billion by 2028.  What is the new quantum dot progress at CES 2019?

In the Micro LED 2018 to 2028 Report, all the methods to fabricate micro and mini LED displays along with their supply chains are analyzed and put into 15 method categories. Which new companies are showing micro LED at CES 2019?

What is TCL’s new strategy for 2019? What is Samsung’s new strategy for 2019?

Which startup companies are showing promising new technologies?

All these will be covered in the upcoming Touch and Emerging Display monthly report, CES 2019 special report next week.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team