Kateeva announced OLED inkjet printing equipment

November 30, 2013

On November 20, Kateeva announced the new equipment YIELDJET– an inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to produce OLEDs in high volume.  It’s the world’s first inkjet printer engineered from the ground up for OLED mass production.

I had the chance to visit Kateeva recently and met with their President and Co-founder Dr. Conor Madigan and CEO Alain Harrus. Here we are standing in front of the Gen 8 machine.

Figure: Left: Kateeva Dr. Conor Madigan. Right: Kateeva CEO Alain Harrus. The short person in the middle is me.

Kateeva visit

Photo source: Touch Display Research Inc. November 2013.

Kateeva is building a Gen 8 line, it’s almost finished when they showed to me. The equipment is built from ground up for the purpose of OLED.  The uniqueness is in 3 areas:

a.         It’ll have multiple nozzles to ensure good uniformity.

b.         It’ll be in Nitrogen environment to protect the OLED material.

c.         The glass substrate is floating on the air above the metal bars.

More analysis can be found in our “Touch and Emerging Display report” November 2013 issue.

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