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Applied Materials and flexible OLED display ecosystem of over 180 companies

October 13, 2015

This week, Applied Materials announced two new systems that enable the volume production of flexible OLED displays for mobile products and TVs: the Applied AKT-20K(TM) TFE PECVD* and Applied AKT-40K(TM) TFE PECVD. These equipment could build barrier films with very low water and oxygen penetration rate.

“The advances in size, resolution, picture quality and form factor creates considerable market opportunities for display makers to bring new flexible products to market,” said Dr. Brian Shieh, vice president and general manager of Applied’s Display Products Group.

The flexible OLED Display Industry Ecosystem includes over 180 Companies and Research Institutes. Thin film barrier for OLED technology attracted 22 companies working on it; 34 companies are active on manufacture equipment; 30 companies are active on flexible substrate.

Figure 1. Flexible OLED display industry ecosystem with over 180 companies and research institutes

Flexible OLED 180 ecosys

Source: Touch Display Research, Flexible OLED Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report, August 2015

The Flexible OLED Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 report is available immediately and includes a PowerPoint file (over 300 pages) and an Excel database.

You can subscribe on our website: www.touchdisplayresearch.com in the Market Research Report page or by email: jc@touchdisplayresearch.com

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Kateeva announced OLED inkjet printing equipment

November 30, 2013

On November 20, Kateeva announced the new equipment YIELDJET– an inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution to produce OLEDs in high volume.  It’s the world’s first inkjet printer engineered from the ground up for OLED mass production.

I had the chance to visit Kateeva recently and met with their President and Co-founder Dr. Conor Madigan and CEO Alain Harrus. Here we are standing in front of the Gen 8 machine.

Figure: Left: Kateeva Dr. Conor Madigan. Right: Kateeva CEO Alain Harrus. The short person in the middle is me.

Kateeva visit

Photo source: Touch Display Research Inc. November 2013.

Kateeva is building a Gen 8 line, it’s almost finished when they showed to me. The equipment is built from ground up for the purpose of OLED.  The uniqueness is in 3 areas:

a.         It’ll have multiple nozzles to ensure good uniformity.

b.         It’ll be in Nitrogen environment to protect the OLED material.

c.         The glass substrate is floating on the air above the metal bars.

More analysis can be found in our “Touch and Emerging Display report” November 2013 issue.

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Applied Materials for IGZO displays

October 16, 2013

On October 16th, Applied Materials announced new technology systems for manufacturing IGZO TFT: the AKT-PiVot® 55K DT PVD, Applied AKT-PiVot 25K DT PVD and Applied AKT 55KS PECVD systems.

Applied Materials supply two sizes of IGZO manufacture equipment: One is for Gen 8.5, 2200mmX2500mm mother glass. One is for Gen 6, 1500mmX1850mm mother glass.

Metal oxide TFT, especially IGZO TFT has been researched for many years. Sharp is the first company to mass produce IGZO TFT since 2012. Although Sharp first announced to produce IGZO TFT in April 2011, it took them one year longer than expected to bring it to mass production. LG started mass produce IGZO TFT for their 55” AMOLED TV since early 2013.

Figure. Applied Materials IGZO manufacture equipment

Applied material PECVD equipment with person

Source: Applied Material, October 2013

I had a chance to meet Applied Materials team: Max, John, Kerry, Ricky, and Amaya recently in their Santa Clara office. I raised the questions of how to improve IGZO’s stability, uniformity and yield. Applied Materials indicated they have solutions for all three issues. Applied indicated they are working closely with four display companies currently.

More analysis and IGZO display roadmap can be found in our Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.

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