FLEX 2020 Conference is February 24 to 27

Santa Clara, California, January 29, 2020—Touch Display Research announced that Dr. Jennifer Colegrove will be speaking at the upcoming FLEX 2020 MEMS & Sensors conference in February 2020 at San Jose, California about display industry trends and market forecast.

“I am honored to be invited and to deliver a presentation at the conference again, and eager to meet companies and industry friends,” said Dr. Colegrove, CEO and Principal Analyst at Touch Display Research. “We appreciate the support of SEMI in sponsoring my presentation.”

Figure. FLEX 2020 conference

Source: FLEX 2020 Conference

The display industry is going through dramatic changes. Dr. Colegrove will discuss the hot trends in display industry:  improved LCD, micro & mini LED, flexible and curved display and touch screen, quantum dot, OLED display, AR/VR, e-paper, and fast growing applications. She will provide the market forecast of the display market from 2020 till 2030.

Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, author of the CES 2020 report, Micro LED display patent analysis 2020 report, Global display technology 2019 report, Micro & Mini LED 2019 Report, 2nd Edition, and Quantum Dot 2019 report, 6th edition, Smart Windows report, 2nd edition, has performed many first-hand surveys and interviews with many display suppliers, material suppliers, and OEM/ODMs. She will present “Display Hot Trends and Market Forecast to 2030” on February 27, 2020 at the SEMI FLEX 2020 conference, San Jose, California. To arrange a meeting, please contact: jc@touchdisplayresearch.com

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Touch Display Research, Inc. (www.TouchDisplayResearch.com) is a technology market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies such as OLED displays, Micro and mini LED, quantum dots, flexible displays, e-paper displays, ITO-replacement, Active pen, near-eye displays, smart windows, gesture controls, voice controls, and eye controls. Touch Display Research helps technology companies grow and connecting their technologies to the marketplace. We have been writing about OLED industry for over 10 years. We were the first company to publish Quantum Dot market reports. We were the first company to publish Active Pen market report, and ITO-replacement market report.  We have always been there to analyze new and emerging technologies. Touch Display Research provides reports, consulting, and due diligence to touch suppliers, display manufacturers, consumer electronics ODMs/OEMs, material suppliers, investors and venture capitalists.

About FLEX 2020 MEMS & Sensors Conference

FLEX 2020 MEMS & Sensor conference, will be held at Double Tree by Hilton, San Jose, California from February 24-27, 2020. The conference organizer is SEMI which connects more than 2,100 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide to advance the technology and business of electronics manufacturing. Here is the link of the conference website.