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CES 2019: Micro LED and mini LED made big splash

Jan 9th, 2019, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research

I just returned from CES 2019 at Las Vegas. It’s my honor to meet some of you in person. CES is the conference where many consumer electronic brands show case their most advanced technologies and the conference that set the trends for the near future. At CES 2019, Micro LED and mii LED made big splash.

At CES 2019, Touch Display Research was invited and visited Plessey’s booth at the South Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.  We met with Plessey’s President of corporate and business development, Mr. Mike Lee. Mr. Lee showed Touch Display Research their blue micro LED microdisplay, which is 0.7 inch with 1080p resolution.

Figure: Plessey President Mr. Mike Lee with their Micro LED at CES 2019

Photo source: Touch Display Research.

As we know, Plessey’s manufacturing method is one of the 15 methods we covered in the Micro & Mini LED 2018 Report. Plessey claims their repeatable GaN-on-Silicon monolithic process method has high yield, good wavelength uniformity, and is scalable and economical.

Which new companies are showing micro LED at CES 2019?

What is TCL’s new strategy for 2019? What is Samsung’s new strategy for 2019?

Which startup companies are showing promising new technologies?

All these are covered in the recently published Touch and Emerging Display monthly report: CES 2019 special report.

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Dr. Jennifer Colegrove and team