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RitDisplay flexible OLED display and ecosystem of over 180 companies

October 16, 2015

At Touch Taiwan 2015, I had a chance to visit RitDisplay booth. RitDisplay showed two flexible PMOLEDs: one is fixed curved, one is bendable in a box. Visitors can bend the display by pushing a button outside of the box.

Figure: RitDisplay flexible OLED demo

RitDisplay flexible PMOLED with TDR

Photo by: Touch Display Research, Dr. Jennifer Colegrove

RitDisplay plans to mass produce the flexible PMOLED by end of this year.

The flexible OLED Display Industry Ecosystem includes over 180 Companies and Research Institutes. There are 14 display manufacturers are (or will soon) producing flexible OLED.

Figure 1. Flexible OLED display industry ecosystem with over 180 companies and research institutes

Flexible OLED 180 ecosys

Source: Touch Display Research, Flexible OLED Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report, August 2015

The Flexible OLED Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 report is available immediately and includes a PowerPoint file (over 300 pages) and an Excel database.

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Apple curved OLED display potential suppliers

October 3, 2013

This week Korea news chosun.com reported a rumor that Apple’s iWatch will adopt a “plastic OLED”. It quoted an “industry source” said “Apple is developing three different models of the iWatch — a 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch and 1.5-inch prototype”.

Back in June 2013, Touch Display Research has forecasted that Apple will adopt AMOLED within 18 months.

Some of our industry friends asked me which company might be supplying plastic OLED to Apple.   It is very challenge to get Apple’s insider information, but Touch Display Research believes that 7 companies could be the potential suppliers of flexible curved OLED display: Samsung Display Corp, LG Display, Futaba, AUO, Innolux, Sharp, NVO, etc.

Figure. Potential Suppliers of Flexible and Curved OLED Displays

flexible curved OLED suppliers

Source: Touch Display Research, Flexible and curved display technologies and market forecast, September, 2013

As we covered last week, Samsung has announced to release a mobile phone with curved displays in October 2013. Here are the possibilities for Samsung’s curved display technologies.

Touch Display Research believes the eco-system for flexible and curved displays is maturing. We forecast that the flexible and curved display market will reach $27 Billion by 2023, which is about 16% market share of the global display revenue in 2023. More analysis of curved display and curved touch panel can be found in our newly published Flexible and Curved Display Technologies and Market Forecast 2013 report.

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