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CES 2019: Flexible Display and Flexible Touch

Jan 26th, 2019, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research

(This article is an abstract from the “Touch and Emerging Display monthly report, CES 2019 special report”. For the full analysist and report, you can subscribe here in the Market Research Report page.)

I just returned from CES 2019 at Las Vegas. It’s my honor to meet some of you in person. CES is the conference where many consumer electronic brands show case their most advanced technologies and the conference that set the trends for the near future.

At CES 2019, competition between manufacturers of flexible/foldable AMOLED display devices is heating up.

At CES 2019, Royole demonstrated the FlexPai. It features a 7.8” foldable AMOLED display with 1920×1440 pixel format, 308 ppi resolution. I had a hand on with the device and bend it. The device can only be bent backwards away from the display. When I tried to bend it inward, the mechanical structure would forbidden it, which can protect their flexible AMOLED. The device is actually light weight.

Royole took the 7.8” flexible AMOLED and used it into several other applications: a hat with the display, a T-shirt with the display, and even a purse with the display on it. The battery is hidden in the hat, or the purse. The hat and T-shirt are available for $899 each. The purse is a prototype and they hope a famous brand will adopt the technology.

Figure: Royole flexible AMOLED at CES 2019

Photo source: Touch Display Research.

In the Flexible Display and Flexible Touch 2018 Report, 3rd edition, Touch Display Research analyzed over 270 companies working on flexible display and flexible touch screens. Touch Display Research forecasted flexible, curved and foldable display will have over $75 billion revenue, which will be about 36% market share in 2027.

What is TCL’s new strategy for 2019? What is Samsung’s new strategy for 2019?

Which other startup companies are showing promising new technologies?

All these are covered in the recently published Touch and Emerging Display monthly report: CES 2019 special report.

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