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Interview Plastic Logic’s CEO about flexible display

August 28th, 2018 By Jennifer Colegrove Ph.D. Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research Inc.

This week, Touch Display Research interviewed Plastic Logic’s CEO, Mr. Tim Burne, about their flexible e-paper display and flexible touch screen. Mr. Tim Burne joined Plastic Logic in 2013 and became the CEO in 2015. Mr. Burne indicated Plastic Logic’s organic TFT (OTFT) backplane is very flexible and robust, thus it is very suitable for the curved wearable devices and many other applications.

Figure. e-paper display on wearable device

source: Touch Display Research Inc.

I tried on the bracelet with a flexible curved e-paper display, see picture here.

More information of the interview and analysis can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report and online market analysis articles for members.