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Cima Touch—joint venture of Foxconn and Cima Nanotech for ITO replacement

September 3, 2015

I just came back from the trip of Touch Taiwan and IDMC (International Display Manufacturing Conference) 2015 conference.  Earlier this week, we blogged about LG Display keynote on flexible OLED display, and Konica Minolta keynote on flexible OLED lighting, and AUO quantum dot TV adopted 3M and Nanosys material.

Another hot trend at Touch Taiwan 2015 is the ITO-replacement material for touch panels. At Touch Taiwan, Cima Nanotech announced its new joint venture with Foxconn: Cima Touch. Both companies will sell SANTE® ProTouch™ modules through Cima Touch.

Figure 1: Cima demonstrates 65” projected capacitive at Touch Taiwan 2015

Cima 65 inch with TDR

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research Inc.

Last year, Cima Nanotech and Amdolla showed a 42” projected capacitive touch screen at SID 2014.

In the newly published “ITO-replacement: non ITO transparent conductor technologies and market forecast 2015 report”, 5th edition, Touch Display Research analyzes metal mesh, silver nanowire, conductive polymer, carbon nanotube, graphene and other transparent conductor materials. Touch Display Research forecasts that the ITO-replacement market will reach $10.9 Billion by 2022.

Figure 2. ITO-replacement: non-ITO transparent conductor market forecast 2015 to 2022

ITO replacement forecast2015

Source: Touch Display Research, ITO replacement: non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report, 2015

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