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C3Nano raised $37 million—value in the ITO replacement

Feb 27, 2017

Recently, C3Nano just announced it has raised $15 million in equity financing, this brings their total equity financing to $37 million since its 2010 inception.

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) used to be the main stream transparent conductive material for touch screens. However, in recently several years, other advanced transparent conductive materials, such as metal mesh, silver nanowire, carbon nano tube (CNT), conductive polymer, are replacing ITO.

In the recently published “ITO Replacement—Non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast 2017 Report,” Touch Display Research profiled over 300 companies and research institutes working on advanced transparent conductive (TC) materials.

Figure: ITO replacement 2017 report

ITO replacement 2017 cover1

Source: Touch Display Research Inc., ITO-replacement report, February 2017

Our survey found that the ITO-replacement industry had a shake out. Some suppliers ceased business or changed method. Some suppliers who had improved their quality and expanded to large sizes, are expanding to more markets. Touch Display Research forecasted that non-ITO transparent conductors will have rapid growth in the next several years.

The “ITO-replacement Technologies and Market Forecast 2017 Report” Seventh Edition is available immediately.

PowerPoint file >500 pages
Excel database Profiles >300 companies. 5 years history data: 2012- 2016 and 8 years forecasts from 2017 to 2024. Units, ASP, Revenue. List of all ITO-replacement devices and suppliers; comparisons of many metal mesh, many silver nanowire
Published time February, 13th,  2017
Price $5800 for company with <5 user. $6800 for company with 5 or more users
Bonus Client can have a 30-minute free phone call with the author: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, within 3 months of the purchase


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Touch screen with ITO-replacement going to mainstream

June 15, 2016

Touch screen with ITO-replacement is gaining momentum for >50-inch sizes category. We can see this trend at SID 2016 DisplayWeek.

3M showed 55-inch touch table with metal mesh touch screen.

C3Nano demonstrated 55-inch silver nanowire transparent conductor touch display.

Microsoft’s keynote discussed their 55-inch and 84-inch interactive Surface Hub that can sense both finger touch and active pen.

In the ITO Replacement—Non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies, Supply Chain and Market Forecast 2016 Report, sixth edition, Touch Display Research analyzed over 240 companies and research institutes working on advanced transparent conductive (TC) materials. The report provides a detailed analysis of metal mesh, silver nanowire, carbon nano tube (CNT), conductive polymer, graphene, and other technologies.

Touch Display Research forecasts that the ITO-replacement market will reach $13 billion by 2023.

Figure: ITO replacement comparison chart

ITO replacement compare with TDR2016

Source: Touch Display Research Inc., ITO-Replacement Report, 2016

The ITO-replacement industry has made good progress in the touch panel and other applications in the past two years. However, not all companies are growing and you need to be very selective. The specifications of over thirty metal mesh suppliers are compared side-by-side in one chart in the Excel database.

We forecast that ITO-replacement will become the major transparent conductor for touch panels after 2021. ITO will be the minor transparent conductor for touch panels.

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Two new quantum dot companies; metal mesh adopted in home appliances

May 4, 2016

The emerging display and touch industry are constantly changing. We want to make sure our clients have the best market intelligence to stay on top of the trends.

Quantum dot display component and lighting market will grow to $10.8 Billion by 2026. There are two new companies joined the quantum dot supply chain recently. Their reported spectrum Full Width of Half Maximum (FWHM) is less than 20 nm for green color. How did they achieve that? What type of material are they using? What’s their business plan?

Figure: New quantum dot companies

Touch and emerging cover 2016 April

source: Touch Display Research, April 2016

ITO-replacement industry is growing rapidly, but not all companies are growing. Metal mesh touch panels made big progress recently–were adopted in home appliances in the market. Some ITO-replacement companies are acquired by others. Some companies are narrowing their business focus. Some companies are expanding to more products now. Which companies are those? What’s the impact?

Our mission is to empower your business strategic planning for the future. More detail analysis can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.  The report is $600 per month, or $1990 for one year (12 monthly reports).

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Cima Touch—joint venture of Foxconn and Cima Nanotech for ITO replacement

September 3, 2015

I just came back from the trip of Touch Taiwan and IDMC (International Display Manufacturing Conference) 2015 conference.  Earlier this week, we blogged about LG Display keynote on flexible OLED display, and Konica Minolta keynote on flexible OLED lighting, and AUO quantum dot TV adopted 3M and Nanosys material.

Another hot trend at Touch Taiwan 2015 is the ITO-replacement material for touch panels. At Touch Taiwan, Cima Nanotech announced its new joint venture with Foxconn: Cima Touch. Both companies will sell SANTE® ProTouch™ modules through Cima Touch.

Figure 1: Cima demonstrates 65” projected capacitive at Touch Taiwan 2015

Cima 65 inch with TDR

Photo by: Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, Touch Display Research Inc.

Last year, Cima Nanotech and Amdolla showed a 42” projected capacitive touch screen at SID 2014.

In the newly published “ITO-replacement: non ITO transparent conductor technologies and market forecast 2015 report”, 5th edition, Touch Display Research analyzes metal mesh, silver nanowire, conductive polymer, carbon nanotube, graphene and other transparent conductor materials. Touch Display Research forecasts that the ITO-replacement market will reach $10.9 Billion by 2022.

Figure 2. ITO-replacement: non-ITO transparent conductor market forecast 2015 to 2022

ITO replacement forecast2015

Source: Touch Display Research, ITO replacement: non-ITO Transparent Conductor Technologies and Market Forecast 2015 Report, 2015

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