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Two new quantum dot companies; metal mesh adopted in home appliances

May 4, 2016

The emerging display and touch industry are constantly changing. We want to make sure our clients have the best market intelligence to stay on top of the trends.

Quantum dot display component and lighting market will grow to $10.8 Billion by 2026. There are two new companies joined the quantum dot supply chain recently. Their reported spectrum Full Width of Half Maximum (FWHM) is less than 20 nm for green color. How did they achieve that? What type of material are they using? What’s their business plan?

Figure: New quantum dot companies

Touch and emerging cover 2016 April

source: Touch Display Research, April 2016

ITO-replacement industry is growing rapidly, but not all companies are growing. Metal mesh touch panels made big progress recently–were adopted in home appliances in the market. Some ITO-replacement companies are acquired by others. Some companies are narrowing their business focus. Some companies are expanding to more products now. Which companies are those? What’s the impact?

Our mission is to empower your business strategic planning for the future. More detail analysis can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report.  The report is $600 per month, or $1990 for one year (12 monthly reports).

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2015 FLEX conference review

February 27, 2015

I just came back from the 2015 FLEX conference in Monterey California. There were about 600 attendees this year, a little more than last year. It was great to meet some of you in person.

At 2015 FLEX conference, Professor HK Chung from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea gave a keynote presentation titled “Plastic Revolution”.

Professor Chung first introduced the history of flexible AMOLED and his work at Samsung when he was the VP there.  Then he discussed the challenges of flexible OLED. He indicated, “I used to say LCD is a dumb display. Now I had to say LCD is very smart, you only need to change the backlight, add quantum dot to get vivid pictures, you don’t need to change much in the front plane.”

Figure. SKK University Professor HK Chung giving presentation

HK Chung

Photo by: Jennifer Colegrove, Feb 2015.

At 2015 FLEX conference, on behalf of Touch Display Research, I gave a presentation titled “Touchless bio sensor technologies and market forecast”. I discussed the market of gesture control, voice command, eye tracking, proximity touch and human motion sensors.

Figure. Touch Display Research Dr. Colegrove giving presentation

Jenny 2015 flex

Photo by: Ms. Stoeva, Brewer Science, Feb 2015.

Sensors and wearables are hot topics at this year’s FLEX conference.  More reviews can be found in the Touch and Emerging Display monthly report, February issue and March issue.

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Apple beats Dell at 27” 5K

October 16, 2014
4K TV has been in the market since 2012. 4K display monitor also entered the market since 2013. Thus 4K resolution is not “very advanced” by now. What “wow” people now is 5K and 8K displays. As we covered in “Touch and Emerging Display” January 2014 report, several companies have demonstrated 5K display or 8K displays.
Today, Apple announced its new iMac All-in-One PC with a 5K (5120X2880=14.7 million pixels) retina display. The Retina 5K display has four times more pixels than the standard 27-inch iMac and 67 percent more pixels than a 4K display.
The iMac with 5K display is shipping now at $2499.

Figure. Apple iMac all-in-one PC with 27” 5K LCD
Apple iMac
Source: Apple Inc., Oct, 2014

Dell announced a 27” 5K LCD monitor last month, in September 2014, but indicated “The Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K Monitor is USD $2,499.99 and will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.” It’s not available yet today. Therefore, Apple beats Dell at 5K.

Which other companies are shipping 5K? How did Apple achieved 30% power saving?
More analysis and comparisons will be in the “Touch and Emerging Display” monthly report.

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