TCL and Juhua Printing’s 31 inch rollable display is NOT QD-OLED

Jan 30, 2020, by Jennifer Colegrove, Ph.D., CEO and Principal Analyst, Touch Display Research

At CES 2020, TCL and Juhua Printing showcased a 31” rollable display made with Ink Jet Printing. Chinese media named nmwhtv reported the news with a video of the rollable display on Jan 8, 2020. In the Chinese text, it indicated last year at CES 2019, they showed a 31” H-QLED display. Now in CES 2020, they showed a 31” rollable OLED. In the video, there is a small white plate with English words “31” FHD IJP rollable OLED”. The Chinese news is good, nothing wrong.

Figure 1. TCL and Juhua Printing 31 inch rollable display is OLED, not QD-OLED

Source: Quantum dot 2020 report, Touch Display Research, Feb 2020

However, some English media started to report that “TCL and Juhua Printing demonstrated 31” rollable hybrid QD-OLED”, and linked to the same video. Apparently, those media reported the news wrongly. This error might be caused by language barrier, however, why don’t they look into the English words besides the demo? Although the words are small, but still visible, see the picture above.

I’m concerned about the audience and readers of those mis-leading media.

Touch Display Research has published detail analysis of QD-OLED in the “Global Display Technologies 2019-2029 report”, and will published the Quantum Dot 2020 report in early February 2020 to provide the market forecast of QD-OLED displays and QLED displays.

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