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TDR accurately forecasted 4K OLED TV available time

April 16, 2015

LG has been demonstrating its 65” 4K OLED TV since CES 2014 and had road tour promotions since October 2014 in many cities worldwide. However, it is until Q1 2015, the LG 65” 4K OLED TV is available in the US market. The 65” 4K OLED TV 65EG9600 is selling for $9000 currently. Another similar model is selling for $12000 currently. LG’s website also indicated the 77” 4K OLED TV is coming soon.

Figure: LG 65” 4K OLED TV

LG 4K oLED girl

Source: LG

Over two years ago, on Jan 25, 2013 press release, we announced that “Touch Display Research forecast Ultra HD (4K) resolution AMOLED TV will be on the market by 2015”. “Although AMOLED with FHD resolution is available currently, 4K is considered the high end for TV resolution, even though 4K content is still limited,” said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, President and analyst at Touch Display Research. “56-inch 4K resolution is just 79 ppi (pixel per inch), which is easily achievable. The challenges are how to increase yield, have good uniformity, have long lifetime, and reduce the manufacturing cost.”

Now with LG’s 65” 4K OLED TV commercially available, our forecast becomes reality in 2 years.

Figure: We accurately forecasted 4K OLED TV available time

we accuratly forecast 4K OLED TV

Source: Touch Display Research Inc. April 2015

Over a year ago, in the “Touch and Emerging Display report”, June 2013 issue, page 45, we forecasted “Apple will adopt AMOLED within 18 months”.

Now with the Apple Watch announced, our forecast becomes reality in 18 months.

Touch Display Research has a good reputation of accurate forecast. In January 2013, Touch Display Research gave a presentation at the SID Bay Area one-day conference, we forecasted “Samsung will release curved AMOLED on a device that is larger than 5” by end of 2013.” (SID Information Display chief editor Stephen Atwood wrote about our forecast in his article in Information Display Journal March 2013 issue.)

In October 2013, Samsung announced the Galaxy Round with curved AMOLED display. One month later, LG also announced the G Flex. Our forecast became reality in 9 months.

Sorry about tooting our own horn, but these are the facts. We are good at OLED forecast.

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Jennifer and team

LG OLED TV Silicon Valley event

Aug 27, 2014
Yesterday, we were invited and attended LG Electronics’ OLED TV event in Silicon Valley, California. It’s a good event to meet with LG’s OLED TV people and networking with other analysts and media.
LG demonstrated two curved 55” OLED TVs, the new 2014 model: 55EC9300, which is just become available in BestBuy stores in US this week. You can buy it now for $3499, that is only 23% of last year’s OLED TV price!
LG put the curved OLED TVs side by side with two curved 55” 4K LED backlight LCD TVs from Samsung.

Figure. LG’s OLED TV event
Photo by: Touch Display Research Inc., August 2014

LG also indicated their 4K OLED TV is coming soon to US market. (We had detail analysis of 4K OLED TV in our “Touch and Emerging Display” January 2014 report.)
We discussed with LG’s managers about the power consumption and the OLED TV in China market. More pictures and analysis will be found in our “Touch and Emerging Display” September 2014 report.

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Jennifer and team