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Touch Display Research–empower your business strategic planning and investment on touch screen and emerging display technologies.


Touch Display Research, Inc, founded by Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, is an independent technology market research and consulting firm specializing in touch screen and emerging display technologies such as OLED display, OLED lighting, flexible display, e-paper display, 3D display, near-eye display, pocket projectors, quantum dots, gesture control, voice control, and eye control.   Touch Display Research provides market research reports, consulting projects, tutoring, industry matchmaking and due diligence for touch suppliers, display manufacturers, consumer electronic ODMs/OEMs, material suppliers, investor companies, venture capitalists, and companies who are merging or acquiring companies in the touch screen, display, and material industry.

Touch Display Research is best known for accurate market and technology forecast. Dr. Colegrove forecasted Apple to adopt AMOLED display 18 months before it happened; She forecasted Samsung to release a smartphone with 5.x inch flexible AMOLED display 9 months before it happened; She accurately forecasted 4K OLED TV’s market entrance time 2 years before it happened; She forecasted Apple to release active pen 14 months before it happened.  We are a member of FlexTech Alliance , SEMI and individual member of SID (Society for Information Display).

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触控显示研究公司是一家致力于触控显示技术的市场调查及咨询公司。我们的报告和咨询项目专注于触控显示技术, 包括触控屏,ITO替代品,近眼显示,柔性显示器和弯曲显示器,有机发光显示器,3D显示器,电子纸显示器,微型投影机,姿势控制,声音控制,眼球控制。我们有标准报告及给特殊客户的咨询报告。

TDR’s areas of expertise include the following:

Touch Screens Over a dozen touch technologies, 200 suppliers, industry trends.
OLED display active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED), passive matrix OLED, flexible OLED display, suppliers, industry trends
Touch-less control gesture control, voice control, eye control, proximity touch, motion sensor
New materials ITO replacement materials, ITO-coated glass & film. Quantum Dots.
OLED lighting Technologies, suppliers and market
Flexible displays Technologies, suppliers and market
e-Paper displays low power displays
Near-eye display Technologies, suppliers and market
Pocket projector Technologies, suppliers and market


The key characteristic that differentiates Touch Display Research from other market research firms is:

    1. Analyst with Ph.D., and 16 years working experience as senior engineer and VP of market research firm
    2. A high level of experience and knowledge in the specialty technology areas
    3. Insight of the market trends through massive survey of industry contacts
    4. Passion for our industry, to provide the best analysis and business strategy recommendations for clients
    5. Servant spirit. We walk an extra mile to deliver more than client expected, on time and within budget
    6. We provide PowerPoint, easy for client to use and copy into their presentation. (most competitors offer PDF)
    7. We also provide excel database of hundreds company’s profiles, with website linked and detail database. (most competitors don’t offer excel.)
    8. Low price, (since we have no overhead)

Our Clients

Dr. Colegrove has advised over 200 companies through her standard reports or consulting projects in recent several years. Our clients include small start-up companies, large public companies, and investment companies.

  • Start-up companies have unique technologies. They purchased our out-of-shelf reports and custom reports to find out which applications their technology fit the best, which companies or research institutes they could partner with or sell their technology to. They also used our market forecast data to apply for VC funding.
  • Large companies purchased our standard reports or custom services to help with their strategic planning for the growth area, or choose the best suppliers. They also find hundreds of companies in our excel database to invest in or to acquire.
  • Investment companies purchased our services and hired us to do due diligence on proposed investment.
  • Your company should also become our client. We can help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate industry knowledge, up-to-date information, forward-thinking analysis and the best business strategy recommendations to our clients. This links to the story of our mission.

“Every prudent person acts out of knowledge”–Proverb

“The more advice you get, the more likely you are to win.” –Proverb

Touch Display Research’s market intelligence can help you succeed. Please feel free to contact us.


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  1. jennycolegrove Post author

    Thanks. I just keep writing good content. Then more and more people will visit the site. Wish you a success.

  2. Jerry Richgels

    I know Jennifer and while I don’t understand the display technologies that well (I am a data storage engineer) I can vouch for her integrity. And she is one of the smartest people I know.

  3. jennycolegrove Post author

    Thanks Jerry. It’s good to have my friend for over 10 years to endorse my integrity. I really appreciate it.

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